A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Anna Eisch

by - May 27, 2021

It feels like a fever dream when I think back to the couple shows I had at the beginning of 2020. From graduating college, to moving to Ireland (just because), to releasing my debut EP, I had a lot of hope and excitement for the year ahead. I had plans set for 2022 to release a full length album and it felt like things were really beginning to fall into place as to where I was musically.

I was in the middle of some recording sessions when COVID started lurking into Tennessee. When the pandemic hit full force in March, all of my plans came to a crashing halt. My studio sessions were cancelled, my final year of college was completely uprooted and moving to Ireland was now a big fat question mark (and currently still is).

I retaliated against quarantine by throwing myself full force into work and I found myself in this draining routine of depleted creative outlets and very little drive from the lack of variation in my routine. It wasn’t until I decided to release my debut EP, I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This, that I really started to feel like myself again.

While 2020 was a rollercoaster, when I look back at it, it really helped me find who I am and what my purpose is with music. I could talk about the ups and downs that this year has had for hours, but the thing that really matters is where it got me. For so long, I was trying to be something I’m not and it wasn’t until the world shut down for me to sit with the ringing in my ears and really hone in on it. I feel more excited about the world and feel astronomically more creative, testing new routes that I’m not sure I would have as uncalculated as I do now if it weren’t for this year.

2021 still has a lot of up in the air, but I released my first single of the year, “FMO”, and I’m starting to get back into playing smaller, socially distanced shows. I’m a lot more daring in my music and I’m pushing myself as an artist into new avenues. I don’t know where I’ll be in the next six months, if that be Ireland or elsewhere, but I sure am excited to find out.

While practicing social distancing, listen to my latest single, "FMO":

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