A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with The Last Element

by - June 16, 2021

Jasper, vocals
: Rough times, but still inspirational - a clear message that we are walking the wrong road trying to do everything alone. No shows, no unity, social distance and a lot of ways to keep us apart. As a band, being apart means we also know what makes us whole; we feed on working together, playing together and making music together. We feed on the energy of the crowd, the words of the ones that listen to and love our music. But even though our lives changed, we keep on making music and we keep on spreading our message: together we are one. We need people and love around us to flourish.

So what do our lives look like right now? We try to keep our heads leveled, our bodies in shape and our minds clear. We keep writing music, recording songs and giving it our all. We aim to break free from the social distance hold, to reach out to the ones we love. We know we will be able to do it if we keep working hard. 

So we keep working hard, which means we will release more and more songs. We just released our latest, “Cut It Off”: A story about how society and love shapes us, making it difficult to show vulnerable sides, because people construe them as weakness. But keep in mind, being honest and open isn’t a weakness. It’s a strength. Not only is it a story about the world we live in, it’s also a story about how the wrong kind of love can capture you, keep you in their vines, pulling you in and in, while slowly sucking out your essence; what makes you, you.

Even though it wasn’t long ago that we released this song, we are ready for the next, and we’ll uncover the veil. The next song is called “My Mind”. You are the first to read about it. We hope you will also be the first to listen to it.

And that’s where I’ll leave you. Keep safe, be strong, and most of all, keep looking forward. So do we, ready for the next step; ready for the world to live again.

While practicing social distancing, listen to our song, "Cut It Off":

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