A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Ask Carol

by - June 24, 2021

A couple of days after arriving back home from our Filipino tour in early March 2020, we got the news: Norway is locking down due to the serious COVID situation. We were both in our studio when we got the news, and as we had just been in the Philippines, we were quarantined for a few weeks.

At our studio we are naturally isolated. Carol’s parents live nearby, but apart from them, the nearest house is many hundreds of meters away. In total there are about 100 people living in the area, and the nearest shop is 10 km away. Staying away from other people was pretty easy.

We had lots of plans that had to be postponed. That was kind of sad, but we tried to make the most of it. It was the perfect time to start working on new songs and new material. As we couldn’t meet other people, we decided to learn how to make music videos as well. That’s when we made our first ever real music video, “Run With You”, featuring Carol’s sister.

Later, we also wanted to do some animations, so we had an intense week of working day and night, watching tutorials, trying and failing, learning a lot, drawing, designing, After Effects, Animator... until we had the “Do It in LA” animation lyric video. It was a really fun process, and it is so much fun to learn new stuff!

In the fall last year, when we thought the situation would finally get better, it all suddenly turned to the worse again. The second wave was coming. Not having played live for many months, and concerts being banned, there was only one crowd we could play for. We set up all our music equipment in the yard of our studio, right next to the field where our neighbor has a big herd of cows. After playing a couple of songs, with little to no reaction from the cows, we started playing “Darkest Hour”. Suddenly all the cows started running towards us, excited, and eagerly lined up behind the fence, next to where we were standing. They were staring at us, enjoying the music. So, cows definitely love music! That was the start of Cowchella. We have had many cow concerts after that.

Even with no touring, traveling or concerts, we have kept busy, trying to make the most of these difficult times. Now we are working on our debut album, which will be released this fall, and we really hope some concerts will be possible soon.

While practicing social distancing, watch our music video for "Darkest Hour":

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