A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Ade Fabola

by - July 07, 2021

“We live in interesting times.”

Have you heard this before? You could also replace “interesting” with “strange”, “unprecedented”, “unusual”, “challenging” and a few other adjectives of your choice, and you’d probably be right. Before the pandemic I had a pretty full-on schedule that involved writing, recording and releasing music, and playing said music in live music venues. A lot of that changed over the course of the past year, but we’re slowly getting back to normality.

The other week, for instance, it was great to be able to go out and play a couple of gigs. On the Saturday of that week I had the day off, so I was free of all commitments and distractions. I spent an extra couple of minutes in bed, and when I finally got out, I went on a run. I find that being active is key to my creative process because it affords me valuable time to (1) consume content and (2) generate ideas. When I go running/walking I tend to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks about half the time, and for the other half, I keep my ears unplugged to allow me to cogitate my thoughts. 

This is often when I come up with ideas for songs and other pieces of writing. I listen to my body, search my mind and evaluate my emotional state to make sense of how I’m feeling, and more often than not, this leads to a song idea. The song may end up being autobiographical and about present or past events, or may end up being about an external entity (for instance about someone I know, or a book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen, or something on the news, you get the idea).

On that day, the idea that came to me was about loving oneself and how it can be so difficult to do sometimes or even acknowledge its importance. I got back home, did some meditative journaling (to me this just means sitting quietly for a while and writing whatever pops up in my mind, while also trying to focus on things I’m thankful for). After this morning routine I picked up my guitar and played around for a while, fleshed out the new idea and played some old songs; I just went with the flow really, and then I rehearsed a couple of songs specifically for the gig I had lined up at a local farmers market.

Next thing I knew, it was afternoon and I needed to head out to the venue. I packed up my guitar in its case (which hasn’t seen much love over the course of the last year) and I set out walking to the venue. It was so nice being out in public, surrounded by music lovers and shoppers alike, listening to music, chatting with fellow musicians, and playing my set. It was a lovely day, and by the end of the evening I retired to my bed, a happy and fulfilled boy :)

While practicing social distancing, watch my music video for "Something Good":

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