A Special Little Feeling: An Interview with Amanda Frances

For Amanda Frances, storytelling was less of a conscious decision and more of a concept that was ingrained in her since day one.

Her obsession with words came in any form - novels, poetry, journaling - and so did her obsession with music. She tried singing, piano and guitar as well as anything incorporated with music such as dancing and figure skating.

She went into her college years with the intention of majoring in English and came out on the other side determined to make it as an artist and songwriter. She spent the majority of her time in Nashville, writing as much as she could and shaping her writing style.

“I’m obsessed with songs that describe a moment in such specific detail that you can’t help but see it all play out in your head,” she said.

Frances has learned to trust that there is no right or wrong when it comes to making art, and that has rung true as she gears up to release her debut EP. She has already released two singles, including the recently released “say that” with fellow Canadian artist A-SHO, that are honest depictions of moments she has experienced.

“I hate writing songs and waiting for years to release them,” she said. “I wrote these songs and had them out into the world in a matter of a couple months, and it’s a special little feeling to still have butterflies about a new song when everyone else is hearing it for the first time.”

With these incredibly detailed lyrics and genuine love for music, these songs not only give the listener an opportunity to see into her world but to relate it back to theirs. Her honest storytelling is her strong suit, and she knows how to use it.

“Someone very important to me told me recently that of all the songs they’ve heard me write in my life, these ones just sound entirely like me,” she said. “That meant everything to hear. As an artist trying to learn and grow in this industry, you so often get told how you should sound, and it’s often hard to distinguish between what criticism you should take and grow with, and what you should just have a good laugh at and brush off. It’s really important to me that the music and art that I make really reflects who I am, and I think I’ve found that magic little spot now.”

Staying true to her obsessions, Frances has continued diving into various forms of music, this time with videography. She has always been the type of artist who wanted to be part of all aspects of her music, from its conception to its execution. The tedious yet satisfying work of music videos has been an exciting challenge for her and has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

For Amanda Frances, storytelling is her way of life. Whether her storytelling is musical, visual or an entirely new medium that she decides to delve into, one thing is certain: these stories are timeless.