Replace Excess with Excellence: A Be Free Feature

The beauty industry has recently been making a conscious effort to create products free of harmful ingredients, so it’s only fitting that Danielle Fishel finally dives into the world of hair care.

Fans of the 90s television sitcom Boy Meets World likely remember that episode - “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow” - where Fishel’s character, Topanga Lawrence, makes the drastic decision to chop her hair from her waist to her shoulder blades. It was a freeing experience for her, but any request for a collaboration in the hair-care industry was not something she was interested in.

It wasn’t until she first heard her son’s heartbeat at the eight-week ultrasound that she realized anything she put into her body would affect more than just her, and she wanted all of her choices moving forward to be healthy.

Be Free by Danielle Fishel does just that. Fishel and her team of experts did the research so the consumer doesn’t have to. Reading labels is no longer unpronounceable, it’s free: free of sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, gluten, phosphates and fragrance.

“The most challenging aspect of creating the line has been finding the balance between wanting as many natural ingredients as possible but also having very high standards for what I consider to be efficacy,” Fishel said. “For example, I am fortunate to not have any allergies to essential oils so I have included them in the line but I know for some people those may not work. I think transparency is the most important thing which is why we have all our ingredients readily available on the website and I always encourage people to do their due diligence and set boundaries that work for them in all aspects of life, including with their choices for hair care.”

Be Free launched in late 2019 with three essentials: Be Free Shampoo, Be Free Conditioner and Scalp Refresh. They have since added several products, including Be Happy Hair Mask, Be Voluminous Hair Thickening Cream and Be Cool Heat Protectant.

In addition to being free of damaging chemicals, these products are also cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly and made in the U.S.

“I hope the message people take away from these products is that we can have high expectations for the products we use, including demanding they are cruelty free (we are proudly Leaping Bunny certified), are free from the most harmful chemicals and that they actually work well!” Fishel said. “I also hope people realize that confidence is one of the keys to happiness and if something that's good for you can also help boost your confidence, you should embrace it.”

For Fishel, the most rewarding aspect of creating Be Free has been seeing the impact healthy products have made in people’s lives. Customer feedback is equally important to her, and she is always open to hearing what Be Free consumers would like to see more or less of.

“I have received countless messages about how our products have helped heal scalp psoriasis, dandruff and encouraged hair growth when nothing else has worked,” she said. “The most important aspect of that is that it has given confidence back to men and women who had lost it and that means so much to me.”

Be Free and replace excess with excellence. Shop the Be Free by Danielle Fishel line here.