Never Feel Love This True: A Myles Lloyd Album Review

by - March 15, 2022

Canadian R&B singer Myles Lloyd uses his vocal presence to create vulnerable, honest music that gives the listener a personal look into his human condition. That vocal presence is heavily felt in his sophomore album, Forever, Yours.

The eight-track release follows his 2019 album, Goodbye, which took a different approach of alienating the past and finally getting the strength to move forward.

“But how realistic is it to leave everything in the past and never think about it again?” Lloyd said. “To never wonder how life would be with a do-over? So many scenarios and thoughts can play in your head and it’s normal.”

This time around, Lloyd focuses on the real life events of physically leaving someone yet remaining emotionally attached to them. Each track bubbles in emotion that stems from love, sexual desire and the risqué parts of relationships.

Forever, Yours is about how you can say goodbye but the memories, emotions, experiences and feelings will always be with me,” he said. “Some might think this goes into the toxic relationship realm but I just think it's real life. Some people go and stay away and some people you just can’t fully let go so you keep going back and forth to recapture that feeling."

The album opens with “Better With You”, a track just under a minute and a half. That minute and a half is all it takes for Lloyd to admit that he was wrong and is a better person when he is with them. That theme is also prevalent in “Running On You”, while tracks “Distraction” and “Monster” admit that he wasn’t always bringing out the other person’s best qualities.

The album title is a nod to Michael Jackson’s 1975 album, Forever, Michael, which was a staple in Lloyd’s childhood. The album is still one of his inspirations when it comes to making music, with its mix of soul sounds and funk elements.

By showcasing a sound different from Goodbye, Myles Lloyd was able to create a new experience for veteran fans and attract a new wave of listeners at the same time. Forever, Yours is comprised of that same vulnerability Lloyd assures will always be in his music, which will constantly challenge him to find a new piece of his heart to give to a song.

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