Find the Strength: An Interview with A Cure For Love

by - August 12, 2022

For Ohio-based band A Cure For Love, their sound encapsulates each of their personalities, giving their music a unique advantage.

Their first single of the year, “Cafeteria Harrison (Isn't It Grand to Feed the Birds?)”, was a fan favorite when they released their live EP in 2020. One of those fans, their new bass player’s brother, is the reason why they decided to release it as the first single off their upcoming album.

“We thought that since it’s one of his favorites it would be fun to have it come out as the first single and really get the momentum going,” Cameron Blair said.

It is the first song they wrote with him as their bassist, telling the story of how some friendships unexpectedly become toxic.

“It ​is more about a friendship that didn’t quite turn out the way we expected but there are other ​small allusions to Built to Spill and Courage the Cowardly Dog in the title and other personal ​struggles we explore in the lyrics,” Blair said.

The album, due later this fall, will also feature their latest single, “Anor Londo”. The song initially started as an idea from Kristian Khoury, who spent a great deal of time writing it in the studio before finally getting it to their level of perfection. The end result has made it not only one of their favorites on the album but one of their favorites to perform live.

Their upcoming album doesn't necessarily have a particular style but listeners will be able to point out similarities.

“Many of these songs are stylistically different and we are proud of how we were able to incorporate things we haven’t always done,” Blair said. “Some songs are harder than others, some lighter, and we broke the mold. We have two songs less than three minutes long, which is a feat for us.”

A Cure For Love hopes that their music not only continues to express their personalities, but encourages their listeners to take away a themed message from these songs and upcoming album.

“You can do it. You only need to find the strength.”

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