Seen, Empowered, Comforted: An Interview with Brent Williams

by - November 17, 2022

Brent Williams has always held a passion for storytelling, although the forms of storytelling have changed.

For nearly a decade, Williams was a dancer and learned that not only was his physical being an important part of dance, but so was song selection. By learning that importance early on, he was able to translate that to when he started releasing his own music.

“I’ve always loved music for its ability to connect people and the way it’s able to evoke such strong, emotional responses from those who feel connected to your music,” he said. “The idea that someone would feel seen, empowered or comforted by something I’ve written is a huge motivator behind why I make music today.”

His debut EP, Matter of the Heart, taught him an incredibly important lesson of taking his time when it came to the creation process. He admits that he gets so eager and excited about ideas and concepts that sometimes he can release music prematurely. This time around he wanted to avoid that, not only because he wanted to be patient with his music, but because he was in an entirely different environment that would force him to take his time.

As a model, Williams has been able to travel around the world. When he knew Germany was his next destination, he knew that was where he wanted to create more music.

“I made a promise to myself that I would start working on new music once I got there,” he said. “I knew recording in Europe was something a lot of pop stars did back in the 90s/early 2000s, so I wanted to take advantage of being in Germany and use it as an opportunity to really grow and challenge myself as an artist.”

He made a point throughout the recording process in Germany to take his time and produce a fully developed product that would make him proud. The first of those products is a song titled “The Fool”.

“The Fool” felt like a departure from everything Williams had previously released, and he sees this single as a reintroduction to himself as an artist.

“[Matter of the Heart] was incredibly heavy and sad for me during both the writing and recording process,” he said. “[‘The Fool’] was meant to showcase my growth as an artist, but also show a different side of me; a stronger side of me that wasn’t present on the EP.”

He worked alongside vocal producer and sound engineer Alexander Lübbe, who he discovered online and felt would make a great partner in the studio. Williams said that Lübbe challenged him vocally and gave him a different perspective on studio sessions.

“I think one of the biggest blessings of creating in Germany with Alex was that there weren't any preconceived ideas or restrictions around the music,” Williams said. “I would go into the studio with the song concept and allow it to naturally develop through trying whatever felt right for the record. No pressure or expectations surrounded the music I was making - which also incorporated a level of fun I hadn’t previously experienced while in the studio.”

The lack of pressure also came with the lack of familiarity. Freedom as an artist can mean a lot of moments alone, even when that feeling grows old. When he wasn’t in the studio with Lübbe or on a set doing modeling work, he was in a foreign country with no real family or friends nearby.

That is why the message behind “The Fool” was so important to him. It is about knowing self-worth, and believing that someone is out there for everyone.

Brent Williams not only holds a passion for storytelling, but understands the importance of it. No matter what medium he is using to tell a story, he knows that he will find an audience eager to listen.

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