Life Just Seems To Get Better: An American Authors Album Review

by - February 14, 2023

Marking a decade since the release of their first Top 40 single, “Best Day of My Life”, American Authors brought that same unadulterated joy to their latest album, Best Night of My Life.

The band is calling it “the most American Authors album we’ve ever done”, saying that it was a conscious decision to bring more feel-good songs to a world that has seen a great deal of devastation over the last few years.

While they continue to pen undeniable anthems, there is a growth and maturity that shows throughout the 10-track LP.

“We wrote and produced this album completely ourselves, just the three of us, because at the end of the day, no one knows Authors more than we do,” vocalist and guitarist Zac Barnett said. “We’ve written with so many talented people in the past that this time we wanted to keep it all in-house; to bring as much truth to our music and brand as possible.”

The band spent just two weeks writing, recording and producing the album in Barnett’s living room in Las Vegas. By taking the reins, they were able to make this album completely, authentically an American Authors album.

“We wrote and recorded this album in two weeks so it was a looooot of challenging long nights,” Barnett said. “In that time, we did about 20 songs then cut [them] down to our favorite 10. We would start writing around 10 a.m. and usually work until midnight. While it was definitely a lot of work, we’re all so passionate about our writing and genuinely love working together, so we were always having fun.”

The title track comes as a full-circle moment to the single that kickstarted their popularity. It is less of a follow-up and more of a nod to their love of spirited, captivating melodies.

Throughout the album listeners will hear impressive harmonies, handclaps and whistling infused with acoustic guitars, banjos and a harmonica that was actually Postmate’d to the studio. These songs touch on human connection, love, loss and knowing the best is yet to come.

“We hope people can listen to this album and feel great about themselves and the future,” Barnett said. “We always keep a strong message of hope in our songs and we want to portray truth and positivity. Put this album on and get ready to seize the day and live your best life.”

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