Complete Faith in the Unknown: An Interview with Future Someone

by - May 18, 2023

From the moment he had a conscious thought of where he wanted to be, Kyle Walters dreamed of New York City.

The New Jersey-born artist grew up on a constant rotation of radio stations, from top 40 to alternative rock. Music resonated with him, and he found himself wanting to learn more. He has a vivid memory of watching Green Day perform at Woodstock ‘94, televised on MTV, and witnessing the infamous mud fight started by lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong.

“That was the one visual that put a whole ribbon on the package, so to speak,” he said.

When an opportunity arose to play in a band - and move to New York City - he jumped at it. He calls his time in bands as “rock ‘n’ roll boot camp” and recognizes how much it shaped him as a musician.

“[Being in a] band helped me get out of my shell and become a performer,” he said. “I think writing wise it gave me confidence. But it also taught me that I would rather deal with figuring it out and having complete faith in the unknown of what my brain is able to do on its own than put my eggs in a basket and fingers crossed hope a band works out.”

Walters knew it was time to try creating music on his own. He went from self-taught to taking guitar and voice lessons. He taught himself piano and bass. With help from his brother and some programming, drum parts were covered. It was a leap of faith, and took a few years to find his footing, but it soon became the birth of Future Someone.

He doesn’t remember exactly what he was reading when the name Future Someone came to mind, but the more he sat with it the more he liked it.

“The more I think about it, it just makes sense as far as the evolution of finding out who you are,” he said. “Just digging deeper and discovering who you are and where you want to be. The older I get, I still like it. It was a good call.”

The beginning of his solo journey left him wondering why he hadn’t tried it sooner. Were there opportunities missed? With hindsight, he’s able to realize that the beginning of his music career involved little to no life experience.

“I definitely wouldn’t have been able to summon the strength or the words back then like I can now,” he said. “There’s just more life to pull from, good and bad. If you have a solid foundation that you built for yourself, then it’s harder for anyone to take it away or destroy it.”

Setting the groundwork of releasing a few singles led to his debut EP, Phases. Although he didn’t write these songs back to back, the three songs made too much sense to not package together.

“Regret Someone” was the first song that was written, starting out as a simple idea and was reworked what felt like hundreds of times. The theme of the song - thinking of all of the ‘what if’s’ in a relationship - sparked an idea of the opposite feeling and inspired “Never Find Another You”. Instead of wondering what might have been, “Never Find Another You” is about what if that dream person in a dream world stayed, even just for a day. The last song on the EP, “I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking For”, is based on a text he received and inspired lyrics alluding to a relationship that isn’t what either person is in search of.

“I would have regretted not putting these three songs out together because there’s just its own natural arch that I did not intend,” he said. “The harder I work, the more satisfied and relieved I’ve become. I was able to do it; I put my mind to it and then I did it rather than say ‘I don’t know if I can do this’ or ‘I don’t know if I have the confidence level to accomplish this task’. If there is a gap in skill set or self esteem or confidence, I would like to think that passion and perseverance and showing up every day can bridge that gap in a major way because I’m living through it. Not every song comes once a month or once a week, but it’s just a muscle that you’re reflexively working on and strengthening so that it gets easier.”

Walters plans on releasing music for the long run, and he has found a contentment in doing it on his own. Future Someone has taught him so much already, and Phases is just the introduction of what is yet to come.

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