Shared Moments of Joy: An Interview with SKRAM

by - February 08, 2024

Henry Ashby, Felix Nesbitt and Lee Pryor wanted to find a way to connect people through the power of music, and create something that they found meaningful as artists. With a variety of musical talents amongst the three of them, it was as if lightning had struck. SKRAM was born.

The Wellington, New Zealand trio met while teaching music and used their downtime to practice at Nesbitt’s. They found a common interest in intricate tunes with wholesome messages, and it wasn’t long before they knew their collaboration needed to level up.

“We couldn't stop writing, playing and touring, and began forming bigger ideas about ourselves and the magical impact music can have on people's lives,” Ashby said. “There's a connection we have that has been forged through some pretty wonderful life experiences, as well as a lot of hard times too. The comfort we bring each other, combined with the fun times and creating music together, makes it feel like we should've always been there for each other I think.”

Their debut album, Walk into the Sun, was their chance to break away from their fears and live their lives to the fullest. It gave them the platform they were looking for while allowing them to explore their feelings and touch on them in 12 songs.

“The album became a platform to bring people together, to uplift spirits and create shared moments of joy,” Ashby said. “It also showed me that I have to bring my soul to the table and show people something real. I have to explore my sadness, my heartbreak, and the things I passionately want to change about the world. It emphasized the importance of self-care and bringing as much kindness and love into the world as I can. I sound like I'm trying to be super deep but it fully changed me; [it] made me want to be the best version of myself.”

Their latest single, “Serendripity”, has been released as a duo, with Ashby and Nesbitt at the helm. It began as a game of word association, where they blurted out random words back and forth until Nesbitt said, “serendipity.” Ashby said hearing that word lit a fire inside him.

“I suddenly realized how much clothing and color and self-expression had allowed me to explore my feminine side and find a style that let me actually be myself,” Ashby said. “I was reminded of being a kid, just running around wearing whatever I wanted, without being afraid of being judged, and I knew what I wanted to say on the track.”

Since Walk into the Sun was driven by desire and pushed out in a more rapid succession, this time around they wanted to find the right sounds, lyrics and instruments to convey their messages. With the help of producer Sam Minot, they were able to create a vibe that brought in the right amount of energy they were looking for.

“Serendripity” or 'serendipitous drip,' is the idea of wearing anything that makes someone feel safe and confident when venturing into the world. The act of wearing what you want, the "drip," becomes a medium through which you express your unique identity and personality. “Serendripity” celebrates the freedom to make choices based on one’s own tastes, rather than conforming to societal expectations or trends.

“I hope listeners can take away a feeling of confidence in themselves,” Ashby said. “To go try on the weird thing you saw that you kinda liked. Put on some makeup, wear some hectic shoes, be yourself as much as you can and don't let anyone else ever get in the way of that.”

Being uniquely confident is what SKRAM strives for, and their latest single is no exception. “Serendripity” is a reminder to the listener that self-image and self-worth is important; hold onto that and let it set you free.

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