My Healing Journey Through Music: A KASIA Guest Blog

by - March 19, 2024

Photo courtesy of Karolina Turek

When reflecting on my life, I've come to realize that music has been my constant companion and a great source of solace and transformation.

From a young age, I struggled with feelings of not fitting into the expected mold. By the age of 13, I stood nearly six feet tall with curly brunette hair. I felt like I never quite fit in among my cute, blonde friends who embodied the conventional standards of beauty. In those moments of uncertainty and self-doubt, music became my refuge. I turned to classical piano, pouring my emotions into melodies and lyrics that echoed the struggles of feeling different and alone.

Winning a model search at the age of 14 seemed to offer validation for my appearance, but it only intensified the pressure to conform to unrealistic standards and brought with it a new set of pressures and insecurities. I became really consumed by the desire to maintain a certain weight and physique and I felt myself spiraling into a cycle of obsession, self-destructive behaviors and disconnection from my true self.

It was during this turbulent period that I discovered the transformative power of music, particularly through the raw honesty and vulnerability of rap music. Listening to artists who shared their own struggles and triumphs became a lifeline, pulling me back from sadness and reminding me of my own resilience.

In essence, music became a catalyst for healing and self-discovery. In moments of sadness, I found solace in the melodies and rhythms that spoke to the depths of my soul. It was as if each note carried with it a message of hope and renewal, guiding me through some pretty dark times. Beyond emotional healing, I also credit music in adulthood for helping me rebound from injuries and illness faster because it’s such an essential - and positive - part of my daily routine.

Today, music is a driving force in my life through my work as an artist and producer in the electronic music genre. As I’ve been working towards the release of my debut album, I’ve used my own music and lyrics to explore past moments in life from a healing place of liberation and empowerment. My newest single, “Heartstrings”, reflects on a time in my life when I was trapped in a toxic relationship and ultimately found the strength to break free.

I believe there's a certain healing magic in music - especially when experienced in specific frequencies, which align with the natural rhythms of the Earth. Through my own progression in producing, I've started recording and layering these frequencies into my tracks to go along with my lyrical storytelling.

All in all, my experiences have really strengthened my belief in the healing power of music and inspired me to dedicate my life to sharing its benefits with others.

As I continue forward, my mission is to create music that not only resonates with listeners but also serves as a holistic source of strength that goes beyond entertainment. By sharing my own vulnerabilities and experiences through lyrics and melodies, I hope to foster connection and authenticity in a world that often demands conformity.

It is my greatest privilege to share my own experiences with the healing power of music and help others experience the profound impact of music on their lives.

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