As Long As We Have Each Other: An Interview with Catherine Cavadini and E.G. Daily

by - May 21, 2024

When sugar, spice and everything nice (along with a spill of Chemical X) created The Powerpuff Girls in 1998, it was difficult to imagine that three kindergarten-aged cartoons would make such an impact on young children.

Catherine Cavadini, the voice of Blossom, remembers recording the “quirky” pilot but didn’t hear anything until it was picked up by Cartoon Network a year later.

“We just had such a great time recording together,” she said. “We got to record as an ensemble, so everybody was always there in the room. I think that’s part of the magic and the chemistry between us all. I just remember a lot of laughter.”

Cavadini also remembers her first convention experience - bringing The Powerpuff Girls to San Diego Comic Con. Other than the ensemble recordings, their panel was one of the only times the entire cast was presented together. Since then, they have made numerous appearances at conventions, including a recent stop at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Alongside co-stars E.G. Daily, Tara Strong and Roger L. Jackson, Cavadini spent the weekend meeting generations of families who have come together to watch the show.

“The cool thing, especially this convention, because a lot of time has gone by [since] we started the series, is hearing that the grandmother and the mother are introducing it and are excited to be introducing it to their kids,” she said.

Daily has also interacted with families, but in a slightly different aspect.

“I love when the families come together,” she said. “You get a dad who loves me in the Rob Zombie movies, and then you get a mom who loves me in Pee-wee or Valley Girl, and then you get the kids who love the cartoons. Something about the whole family identifying with characters that they grew up with or watched; that’s my favorite.”

For many, being in the same room as Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Mojo Jojo is a bucket list item. Getting their autograph, collecting their merchandise and getting a moment to tell them how much they impacted their childhood is a satisfying feeling, and the actors are just as grateful.

“There’s just something beautiful about the whole experience of connecting to people,” Daily said. “Usually the best moments are finding real connection. When they come here to the table, it’s pretty sweet when they’re just moved because you were part of their growing up.”

Cavadini understands the joy of meeting someone that seems otherworldly and getting the chance to walk away with an unforgettable experience. She once met an actor from The Brady Bunch, a show her and her family grew up watching, during their first outing to The Hollywood Bowl.

“I remember that excitement, being 7 or 8, and seeing one of your icons and that they were actually a regular person,” she said. “He was very gracious and signed [autographs] for me and my sisters.”

Fearlessness and wonderment are just two of the characteristics of what makes The Powerpuff Girls a show that still resonates with its audience. The voices behind these characters have fond memories of their time together, and get the chance to relive those memories with fans at conventions around the world.

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