Finding My Voice and Living My Truth: An Alethea Crimmins Guest Blog

by - June 13, 2024

I’ve always had a big personality and a burst of energy, but growing up in Rayne, Louisiana, in a Catholic family, I was often told to tone it down. Being openly gay wasn’t an option, and my speech impediment made speaking out seem impossible. I was always told what I couldn’t do rather than what I could.

Finding myself and being true to who I was wasn’t easy. I dealt with self-doubt, self-harm, eating disorders, depression and bipolar disorder. Without much support from my family, it was even harder to be who I really was. When I hit my lowest point, I realized that no one was coming to save me - I had to save myself. That’s when my journey began.

I started speaking life into myself, giving myself pep talks to keep going. One day, I decided to post these affirmations online, thinking others might need to hear them too. The response was overwhelming, showing me that I wasn’t alone. This sparked a new fire in me - to be the cheerleader I never had and let others know they are enough just as they are.

Body image was another big struggle for me. I was constantly told that I’d be prettier if I lost some weight, which planted seeds of doubt in my mind. But now, I stand against body shaming and norms, showing that sexy has no size chart and you can be fashionable at any size. Representing the curvy community through my passion for fashion is important to me because I want everyone to see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

On this journey to becoming my authentic self, I found a new love for who I was. I’m proud to say I’ve been with my wife for over 10 years, and together we have three beautiful children. Living in my truth, I began walking in my greatness, becoming a global and viral motivational speaker with appearances on the Jennifer Hudson Show and more.

My mission is to help others see the beauty inside themselves and empower them to live their true and authentic lives. I’m thrilled to share my story on this platform, Black is the New AP Style. Thank y'all for hosting me. My journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and the importance of living authentically. Here’s to embracing our true selves and inspiring others to do the same, one positive affirmation at a time!

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