Not Afraid: An Interview with The Ones You Forgot

Photo courtesy of Dieter Unrath
Being too afraid to say what you're really thinking is the theme of The Ones You Forgot's new EP. Jenna Bruno (vocals), Ferdinand Benauro (guitar), Matt Thompson (guitar), Justin Rodman (drums) and Lance Nelson (bass) recognize the difficulty of expressing yourself fully and hope listening to Too Afraid to Say will show that vulnerability is natural and, most important, ok.

In sticking with the theme, the band has provided one-word answers to the following questions, because sometimes one word is better than being too afraid to say anything at all:

1. What was it like to play your first show?
Jenna: Nervous
Ferd: Mint
Lance: Exciting
Justin: Nervous
Matt: Nervous

2. You opened for Boys Like Girls, what was that moment like for you?
Jenna: Full-circle
Ferd: Mintier
Lance: Overwhelming
Justin: Humbling
Matt: Insane

3. Describe your new single, "Here Forever".
Jenna: Moving
Ferd: Bop
Lance: Emotional
Justin: Catchy
Matt: Emotional

4. What does this EP mean to you?
Jenna: Everything!
Ferd: Powerful
Lance: Progress
Justin: Passion
Matt: Everything

5. Is there anything you're still afraid to say?
Jenna: Yes
Ferd: Nope
Lance: No
Justin: No
Matt: No

6. Who would you like to see put out an album this year?
Jenna: Tycho
Ferd: 1975
Lance: Northlane
Justin: Erra
Matt: Slipknot