Experimentation: An Interview with Kris Angelis

Kris Angelis has experimented with different sounds throughout her musical career, pushing her out of her comfort zone and into a world of infinite melodies. But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a challenge.

Her change in sound wasn’t a decision that she sat down and made but more of an encouragement from working with various co-writers and producers. Most of the songs on her first release, The Left Atrium, were written mostly alone in her bedroom as she felt uncomfortable being in a co-writing environment. Since then, her confidence in writing with others has lead her to the artist she is today.

“There was actually a lot of growing pain involved where I was scared to do something different and worried how it would be received,” she said. “But as I allowed it to happen, I really liked what was coming out of the new collaborations and I decided to let all of those sides of me as an artist be expressed.”

As much as her confidence has grown, she still has moments where she is unsure of her next move being a smart move. She wonders if listeners will be confused or disappointed that one album is a stripped down, folk-inspired sound and the next has fiddles and banjos as the main instruments. Despite second guessing herself, there was a moment that just made her go for it.

Something along the lines of, ‘You can’t make good art unless you’re a little terrified’ was said to her and really stuck with her as she was created her latest EP, set to release later this summer. Venturing out of what she was used to and comfortable with to explore new things is exactly what she needed to continue her musical journey.

“You don’t have to do them all but if you never allow unexpected things to happen, how can there be sustained passion?” she said. “...I struggle with anxiety generally in my life so when I just released myself a bit from needing to be some specific thing and allowed myself to just create and if I like it, I stand behind it, that just feels better! I can breath and feel joyous and I don’t have a stomach ache about it!”

Kris Angelis has and will continue to experiment with different sounds throughout her musical career. She has pushed her comfort zone and will continue to push her comfort zone as she explores music that she loves. Get ready for folk, pop, rock, and maybe even a fiddle and a banjo.

Her upcoming EP, Pieces That Were Stolen, is set to released August 3, 2018.