Salty Emo Pop: An Interview with pronoun

The music of Brooklyn, New York - both homegrown and sought after at venues like Knitting Factory - is a major component of today’s sound. Jazz, reggae and hip hop are just some of the sounds that transformed in the Brooklyn music scene to what is heard today. While none of those sounds describe the music of Alyse Vellturo’s moniker pronoun, her Brooklyn roots are just as profound.

When asked for a genre that best describes her music, “salty emo pop” is her humorous response.

“I feel a lot of the songs that will be rolling out are from a spiteful place, which is not a great way to be but it is how I was feeling at the time and always want to be honest with my music,” she said. “The production itself is very indie-pop/rock, but the lyrics pull a lot from the genre emo.”

Her debut EP, There’s No One New Around You, was inspired by the Tinder notification displaying a lack of potential matches in the vicinity. While that EP shared a sadder, hopeless theme, her latest release is said to be more of a ‘fuck you’ to anyone who has stood in her way.

Her first single of the year, “Run”, originated from a recording session in her bedroom late last year. It was the closest song to being done at the time, and instead of finishing up the album that week, she focused on finishing the song.

“I needed to get a new song out there because we were going a little tour down to SXSW,” she said. “I also just really needed to push myself to put a new song out as scary as it can be.”

Her bedroom recording sessions can come at both an advantage and disadvantage as working on her own accord can be a positive or negative aspect. While it can get cramped in there, Vellturo believes that it can help with the vibe of the music.

“It takes while for a track to sound how you want it to, that's why my music has so many layers,” she said. “I've learned to go with my gut, and that even if you don't feel like creating something to push yourself and try because nothing bad ever happens.”

pronoun is everything the Brooklyn music scene strives for. They take genres that speak their own language, expand on their influences and breathe out a new sound. As Vellturo preps for her next release, there’s no telling what sound will best describe her next.