Summerfest with *repeat repeat

Photo courtesy of Mallory Turner
We were so excited for Summerfest! With everything to love about it (the biggest music festival in the country, and such a massive lineup, among other things we'll touch on) - We couldn't wait to get to Milwaukee. ...from Austin, Texas.

Our summer tour took us to every coast and back again over 6 weeks, which meant our trip to Summerfest really began at Bonnaroo a month prior. From there we drove our beloved van
(#TheChateauVan) in every direction -hundreds of times!- before heading out from Austin, stopping into Nashville for a handful of hours, and on to our second visit to beautiful lakeside city of Milwaukee. Heading out at 2 a.m., everyone knew we were in for an adventure (Is there ever a time we aren't?).

The 9-hour drive seemed like a breeze compared to some of the other drives on the tour, so with a little sleep in the van and an overall excitement to play the biggest music festival in the country, we were there in no time with a couple hours to spare in our hotel before heading onsite. Our bass/guitar player, Neal, and tour manager, Brandon, have never met a pool they didn't love, so swimming was on the agenda for them 100% - and the rest of us opted to grab food and a beer at the hotel pub. When you're touring you have to grab food when you can because there are very long stretches where you're not able to get to food no matter how hungry you are and being hungry before a show can be rough! I know when I'm hungry before a show it can change the way I sing, so I'm usually the one scoping out the food situation in each city once we land on solid ground. After two hours feeling like traveling royalty because we never have two hours at a hotel before a show, much less a PUB AND POOL!, we headed to the festival site.

Immediately we felt like Summerfest was going to be unlike any festival we've played. Here are a few reasons why...

The stage: We were at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage – and it was HUGE. And! It was covered. All the benches and people and of course the stage were covered and this marked our first outdoor festival stage of this kind! Usually we are at the mercy of the weather when we're playing a festival. We're always covered by the elements on stage, but usually the audience isn't, so this was a first for us and boy did it prove to be a bonus. Within the first half hour onsite, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and weather warnings were happening right and left, including a tornado warning, and I didn't think tornadoes typically reached Wisconsin, but I digress.  ALL THE PEOPLE came to our stage and it made for a killer show. We played a high-energy, 45-minute set to a packed house of what our team estimated to be 4,000 excited Sumemrfest'ers and it's not one we'll soon forget.

The Sky Glider: Seeing this was such a treat! We didn't get a change to get on the thing ourselves but we suuuure loved seeing above us everywhere we went.

Martinis on draught: Whoa, whoa, whoa. This idea was news to me! And although we didn't partake (remember that 2 a.m. departure?) we got a real kick out of having the option.

Kayaking and paddle boats: AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL. Need I say more?

Take a look back through the photos of our time at Summerfest 2018 -  and definitely go yourself sometime! It's unlike any other.