A Variety of Passions: An Interview with Aubrey Miller

At age 17, Aubrey Miller has not only found a variety of passions, but has been able to turn them into careers.

Her first passion, dancing, started around the age of 3. Dance has played a major role in her upbringing and was the catalyst to finding other passions. Through dance comes music, and by relying on music to give her performances, Miller slowly found her passion there as well.

By keeping dance and music close to her heart, she soon found a passion for acting. One of her first major roles was the character of Jr. Kiki on Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band when she was just 9 years old.

“All three of those have just taken over my life and I have fallen in love with all three of them as I've gone along my journey,” she said.

Her latest role, Hannah on Amazon Prime’s Just Add Magic, has given her the opportunity to dive into another passion – baking. Her character enjoys cooking up magic recipes while her every day self enjoys experimenting with vegan recipes.  

Season three of Just Add Magic premiered in February and has a lot of “unexpected twists and turns” in store for the girls, including an unexpected twist for Hannah. It’s something that Miller looks forward to fans watching and loves following along with their reactions on social media.

Miller also released a new single, “Crossing My Heart”, in January that is based on a true series of events revolving around having a crush on a guy that she keeps crossing paths with but never quite gets to meet.

“I thought this was a relatable storyline that I know a lot of people are going through and something I also am going through,” she said. “It was a story that I had and something that was close to my heart and I decided to lay down my emotions and put it into lyrics.”

The story of “Crossing My Heart” is what Miller calls “the first chapter of the story” and plans to take place over a series of videos and songs set to release later this year. More details about the guy she continues to cross paths with will be revealed and if paying close enough attention, small hints and codes of the guy are scattered throughout the music video.

At age 17, Aubrey Miller has not only found a variety of passions and been able to turn them into careers, but she has been able to give herself and her fans the chance to keep their youthfulness. In all of her passions, especially her music, she balances a healthy expectation of reality.

“I really want to be a space where teens and youth can go and not have super adult content within the music and not have it be childish either,” she said. “I think having a fun place where people can jam out and relate to the lyrics as well as have a clean, nice message that they feel close to.”