The Time I Cried At A Mirror Eyes Show

Photo courtesy of Dana Gorab
This one is quite a unique story:

On July 22, 2016, a band I managed called Mirror Eyes played one of the larger stages on The Vans Warped Tour in Auburn Hills, Michigan (the state where I lived for four years). Little did we know at the time, but Warped Tour was going to come to an end just two short years later, making this extra unintentionally bittersweet. But that’s not why I cried all alone in a public space. More on that in a minute…

I was on Long Island for a buddy’s wedding during that week in July, so I scheduled several meetings with industry “suits” in the city. As soon as we got wind of Mirror Eyes’ set time on the morning of the 22nd, I locked in an hour to go to a random coffee shop near one of my meetings, use their wifi connection, and watch the band rock out with my eyes and earbuds on my iPhone. I did such through a Livestream from Jess Coppens’ (Mirror Eyes’ singer) girlfriend. The quality was bunk and my seat was quite uncomfortable, but I broke down with happy tears in public. I didn’t expect to do such, but it was so amazing to see what was happening before my very eyes. They looked like stars, and the crowd was extremely into it and enthusiastic.

After their set, I wiped my tears and realized how far we had come in such a short amount of time. I had started managing them (and managing in general) in the spring of 2015 before they played a single show, and the band was literally on to bigger and better things each and every day. A few short days later, on a rainy summer day in NYC, I got a call from Nick Moore at InVogue Records giving us a verbal offer to join the label due to the strength of their material and that Michigan Warped Tour set. It was amazing. We signed with the label, making the band my first act to do such, but things quickly turned sour, like many band stories sadly do. Shortly thereafter Mirror Eyes went through some changes that caused me to part ways with ‘em. I still manage Jess Coppens, and she recently put out her first self-released single late last year... Her new material is even better!

This industry is insane, and musicians are even crazier, but the power of music can cause those who listen to feel a confluence of emotions. I am grateful for my time with Mirror Eyes, and I have no shame about breaking down in public.

See you in the pit.

-Scott Waldman, owner of Waldman Management and Radio Host at Waldman's Words