The Time I Cried At A The Band Gooch Show

Photo courtesy of Dana Gorab
The Velour in August of 2018.

The atmosphere of the show was like most shows. The Velour is a smaller venue; it only seats about 300 people so it was far more intimate then most shows. Although intimate, it has a very unique vibe to it. There is what I would call very indie-looking memorabilia lining the walls, and two church-looking windows on both sides of the stage.

The atmosphere was very friendly. Since the venue is smaller, a lot of people know each other or have common connections somewhere. A lot of the small shows are like that. They are fun because it is like a bunch of old friends getting together and hanging out. It is a great opportunity to escape, and just hang out with people.

It was a small show; we played with one of our favorite local bands called Harbor Patrol. During the bridge of our song "Rebel Inside", I found myself becoming quite emotional. The song is about my wife, and why I love her despite whatever "flaws" she might have. As I was singing I was thinking back to when we first met to now, and how much it meant to have her in my life, especially at my show that day.

It is not easy being supportive to a husband who wants to pursue a music career. As I was singing and saw her out in the crowd dancing and having fun, it took everything for me to not stop the song completely. There were even some people in the crowd who came up afterwards giving me water because apparently they thought I was thirsty given the faces I was making! I was fine, I was just feeling very grateful and as usual undeserving of my beautiful wife, Hallie.

-Jared Gooch, The Band Gooch