Chimneyside Chats with QU!ET

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Gather 'round the open fire for Chimneyside Chats - a monthly feature with holiday stories from our favorite artists. See what's in their stockings this year as they reminisce on Christmas memories, share their favorite recipe and more! Here's what alt-rock band QU!ET had to say:

My name is Michael Scarabino and I am the lead vocalist of QU!ET. My birthday is the day after Christmas; I’ve always loved that, and I will never not! It makes my December more than festive and fun than it could be. However, some people cringe when they hear that because when those two days are back to back, you may get stiffed on the number of presents you get for both days. When I was 13 years old and younger, that was not true; I would get a lot of nice gifts. But the older you get, the more expensive your wish list becomes. So yes, over the years, the number of Christmas and birthday presents I get has diminished, but I’m grateful for whatever. Since I turned 16, I tell my parents every year to put aside the one gift that they think I’ll love the most, and that will be my one birthday present!

Christmas 2012 was successful. I remember getting my first iPhone and many other cool things, but little did I know what was coming. On my birthday the next night, my family took me to my favorite Italian restaurant that we go to every 12/26. When dessert came, my family gave me birthday cards, and a rather plain looking envelope with a bow on it. So I tear it up to see what’s inside: a pair of tickets to see Muse at Madison Square Garden on The 2nd Law Tour! But it wasn’t just any other concert, it was the 2nd night for a residency the band had at MSG that upcoming spring. And they’re famous for something called “second night syndrome” where the first show has the usual tour setlist, but on the next night they rotate in the deep cuts that the true fans know of.

This was such a big deal to me because I didn’t have enough money to get tickets for both shows, and I was so scared that I’d miss a show for the ages! I knew what was coming! But my parents came through for me. On April 16th 2013, I went to the show with my brother and our friends, and Muse blew the roof off of the place harder than the night before. They played songs that I never thought I’d get to hear, and one of them was a song that my brother and I started a tour-wide petition to get them to play, “Dead Star”. I could write a whole book on that story, and the other countless reasons that made the night so special. I’ve seen countless concerts with Muse and many other bands, but that night still ranks in my top concert shortlist. Best gift ever, nothing has ever topped this one!

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