Interested in Magic: An Interview with Reuben and the Dark

For Reuben Bullock, his ultimate dream tour is right at this very moment.

He released his first solo album in 2010 and a full-length with his band, Reuben and the Dark, in 2014. In the time between that, and in the time since, touring has played a major part of his career.

Of course his live shows have changed over the years, mostly from his understanding of how to play to the specific crowds of each room.

“We challenge ourselves a lot to keep things new and interesting,” he said. “[It’s] easy to get tired of just playing the same songs every night. I’m interested in magic.”

For those who haven’t seen Reuben and the Dark perform, expect an energy never felt before. Bullock and his bandmates know how to carry the crowd from beginning to end, and they manage to leave their heart on the stage each night. With the amount of heart and energy lovingly placed into each show, it’s hard not to sing along.

“Everyone sings; the band, the audience,” Bullock said. “It can get pretty beautiful.”

Passing the time in between shows is more on the zen side, focusing on enjoying the quiet and conserving energy for the next show. They pass the time with card games, books and music, and Bullock has recently taken up leatherworking.

The band’s latest release, un | love, openly documents some of his hardest times and his hopes for the future. Since adding these songs to the setlist, they really have come full circle.

“It always feels nice seeing the songs come to life, always exciting, always changing,” he said. “Response has been beautiful. People have had some time now to dig into the album, so it’s pretty special playing a song live for the first time and having an audience sing along.”

Travelling the world and touring with friends has always been the dream For Reuben Bullock. Living out that dream is something he’ll be eternally grateful for.

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