Without Music, Life Would Be Unthinkable: A KTJ & CARLY Guest Blog

We both grew up singing as soon as we came out of the womb, or at least as soon as we could speak.

Many people don’t get to experience how special it is to share a passion with someone, especially a twin. We both learned about music together at the same time and were lucky enough to be able to feed that passion and turn it into a profession. Our dad was in a band growing up, and he cherished music the same way he saw that we did. Our family knew that we both absolutely loved everything about music, so they supported us very early on with voice, piano, guitar and violin lessons, and acting lessons. Before really committing to music, we began acting for film and musical theatre, which is another deep passion of ours.

Acting allowed us to not be afraid of vulnerability, our emotions, and taught us to be honest with our thoughts. As we started writing music, we were able to just lay it all on the table. It enabled us to open up and write honestly. Another great thing about being sisters and that acting opened us up to was to write about extreme topics without feeling uncomfortable or weird. Our family taught us growing up to own your thoughts, own your emotions, and the way you see the world. They taught us to be authentic in our own ways, and when we decided to become artists, that value was already instilled in us.

During the summer of our senior year of high school, we went to summer programs in New York and Pittsburgh at NYU and CMU. We wanted to learn more about music making. We were introduced to Logic, Pro Tools, various methods of songwriting, recording and production. The experience really allowed for our love of songwriting to expand and grow, and from that point on, we knew music would be a part of our career paths. That year was a pivotal time in our lives and ever since; both of us have been learning about and exploring many different kinds of methods and techniques to songwriting approaches, music production and just trying to make remarkable music. Music is a way of life for us. It is what gets us up in the morning… literally and figuratively. Music is what makes us want to live, it makes us want to be courageous, it helps us when we are sad, it helps us when we are happy, bored, heartbroken, confused, mad, in love, etc. Without music, life would be unthinkable. After-all, it is the universal language and it touches everyone’s life. How grey and dull a life would be without music. To us, music is also a form of history keeping. Music is constantly emerging, constantly changing, and is always pleasing to at least one person, even if only to the person who writes it or performs it. Music tells stories of so many different walks of life, so many different periods of one’s life, and that in itself is extraordinary. The beauty of music is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. What music means to us now could mean something totally different to another person.

Listening to music is so important. Making music is in another realm in a sense. When someone listens to a demo of a song they just wrote, it is the most rewarding thing. All the hard work from the past 20 minutes to possibly 8 hours paid off. Songwriting allows us to spill out our thoughts and emotions onto a sheet of paper. With just music and words, we are able to convey some of our deepest thoughts and feelings, whether it’s happiness, sadness, excitement, nostalgia, advocating for a cause, or just a feeling of contentment. Being able to go to a piano or guitar and let our fingers play notes and our voice sing words that are meaningful to us is therapy! Some people journal for therapy, it feels the same way. Writing out your thoughts, but instead of leaving them on your night stand, you sing them out to the world. It is scary, but so worth it.

The year 2020 is going to be very busy for us. We are releasing a single February 19, 2020, titled “Almost True”. When we were walking through LAX one day, we couldn’t help but notice how many strangers were there and each had their own story. It was very busy and everyone was hurrying around-- some frantic, some calm, some sad, some oblivious, some seemingly normal. The point being, everyone is going through different things in their life, and it’s kind of sobering to think you never know what is on someone’s mind or in their heart. Out of the 7.7 billion people in this world, the average person will probably meet around 80-100 thousand people in their lifetime. Imagine how many people we haven’t met and how many people’s stories we never hear, or how many strangers we see in our daily life and never know what they are going through. That is the thing, we won’t ever know. Then, when we finally do meet someone out of the average 80,000 people in our life that we will meet, we are taught to hide back our emotions and who we are as people so our life seems sublime. Even if you have never met them. This idea is what started us writing the song “Almost True”.

We have several more songs being released shortly after “Almost True”. We are really excited about the new songs we have been recording and will be releasing! Our next single release show is at the Black Rabbit Rose on February 19, 2020, and more shows are booked in the future as well. We have been doing a lot of collaborations with some really talented songwriters and artists, and plan to release an EP near the end of 2020, circling the theme of self-identity.