Refining and Redefining: An Interview with James Blonde

Canadian alternative rock trio James Blonde had already been playing together for years under a different moniker, but was looking to start a new chapter in their careers. At first, the new moniker just seemed like a cool alternative that fit into their scene. The more they thought about it, however, the more they realized they were in a way paying homage to some of their biggest influences.

“There is also something cool about a band being represented by one singular identity,” bassist/vocalist Neil Carson said. “Something new and unique is definitely created when three different minds are put together.”

With this clean slate, James Blonde felt that they could now proudly and cohesively release music that best represented them. That rings true for their latest single, “Hundred Bucks”. The song was written when Carson was “in a rough spot and looking in all the wrong places for comfort and fulfillment.” He was spending his time and money on things he shouldn’t have, but was able to turn that time into an infectious melody and creative wordplay.

“The band felt it was a good single choice [because] it seemed to have everything going for it; High energy, good hooks, a sing-along chorus and meaningful yet playful lyrics,” Carson said.

He hopes listeners can accomplish what he did while writing the song – taking a step back and seeing if time, energy and money are being well-spent. He’s been able to learn that waiting for the next shortcut comes nowhere near happiness, and there are so many ways to find that happiness.

Their extensive touring is something they don’t take likely, especially because they know touring is bittersweet for any band. It comes with sacrifices to their health, diet, family and relationships, but it also strengthens their relationships with one another and with their fans.

“People admire and appreciate the effort that goes into touring, and it makes a tangible connection and memories that simply can’t happen through internet content,” Carson said.

James Blonde continues to work hard to create music that not only represents who they are, but gives their audience something to relate to.

“We are proud of all our output and accomplishments so far,” Carson said. “Now that we have established ourselves, it's very fun to be constantly refining and redefining what James Blonde is, as well as ourselves as people. But in the end, James Blonde is all about writing good tunes, putting on a great show, helping others through music and of course having fun!”