A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Hot Shot Kixxx

It certainly has been a change of pace for us, and mostly because our plans to go on tour, in an effort to promote our latest video, have easily fallen through. We have gotten together a few times in my cozy little one-bedroom apartment and played acoustic sets of the songs in the album that we readily released last month. The idea was to prepare for an interview that we had scheduled this month with a local radio station in Juarez, CHIH., in which we would have played an unplugged version of our music, which naturally got cancelled as well.

While we are certainly all bummed out over the seemingly infinite setbacks that continue to manifest themselves, there is a silver lining because now we have more time to spend with family, to improve in other areas of our life and overall simply slow down, take it easy and relax. Our drummer, David “Choko” Ponce, is already cashing in on some quality family time with his wife, Denise, and his two kids, Geo, who is 7 years old, and Jonás, who is 1 year old.
Choko spends his time at home watching TV with his kids, playing with them and helping his oldest son with online homework. Choko is also taking full advantage of this time and is teaching his children all that he knows about music by teaching them how to play the piano, drums and how to sing. He is also passionate about motocross as well, and spends some time keeping his bikes in top form while he waits to be able to go and ride again.

Our bass player, Damian Gray, has also taken advantage of this global time-out. Damian is a busker by trade; he is easily, single-handedly responsible for having brought attention to the busking scene in El Paso, and is overall one of the most talented musicians that El Paso has to offer. Being forced to cater to this global crisis, Damian now being unable to freely busk as he did before, spends his time perfecting his bass-playing skills. He readily dissects music scale after music scale, and finds wisdom in the countless information that he is able to find online. Damian is also a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls, and likes to kick back and relax playing Skyrim.
As for myself, JC, I have found passion in one of the simplest pleasures in life - brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Caffeine has been an addiction of mine for as long as I can remember now. The difference now being that, where before I had an obscenely, depraved obsession with chasing a constantly, elusive caffeine high, I now have transcended into a higher state of appreciation for the art of brewing and drinking coffee. It’s all thanks to the French Press that was given to me as a house-warming gift when I moved into my new apartment. It’s been both a gift and curse. Knowing myself, it won’t be long before this goes from being a healthy and casual hobby, to a fast descent into caffeinated madness. Hopefully leaving the house becomes more acceptable before that happens, otherwise I fear for the future of this band. Then again the world might just end before that happens. Only time will tell.

While practicing social distancing, watch our latest music video for "Tadpoles":