Who Am I: An Interview with margø

In 2019, the world was introduced to four songs by margø, the moniker of Cassidy Margolis, which shared a common denominator of self-empowerment. As she was releasing music, her ultimate goal was to tie the songs into an EP. That EP, titled Solo, is finally ready to be released.

Her four previously released songs – “In Between”, “Game Over”, “LOVELOST” and “Someday” – were individual pieces that she is still incredibly proud of, and ended up fitting perfectly with the rest of the EP.

“They all have the same intertwining themes of self-empowerment and self-worth and they all take different perspectives of that,” she said.

“In Between” is about reconnecting with self-worth while “Game Over” is about not letting fear take control. “LOVELOST” is about standing up for yourself and determining who you are and “Someday” is about closure and knowing what you deserve. It’s no surprise that when the two additional songs on the EP, “Solo” and “Follow Me”, were finished, they shared similar meanings.

“‘Solo’ ties into that because it's a song about taking back your independence and finding strength in that independence,” Margolis said. “I wrote that one because for a long time I really struggled with feeling like I wasn't myself anymore, like I had lost myself for a while. I wanted to write a song that would embody the journey back to who I am today. I really wanted that song to be powerful and loud and make you feel like you wanted to go conquer the world when you listen to it.”

“Follow Me” is a multifaceted song in that it speaks about hope but is also a love letter to the people in Margolis’ life. They have seen her flourish since the beginning of her career and have stuck by her side, so she wanted a song that paid homage to them.

The songs put together tell a story, but “Solo” is the one that embodies the project. It speaks to who she is right now and shares a message that she finds incredibly important.

“My hope always with my music is that people who are feeling or experiencing things that I have felt or experienced or written about in my music - I hope they are able to connect with those scenes and maybe find some sort of comfort in the lyrics or find strength in the lyrics or I hope it allows them to look at themselves and see how great they are and how anyone can do anything,” she said. “Whatever you want, you can make it happen because you are good enough.”

Solo can be purchased or streamed here.