A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Letters to Part

by - May 28, 2020

Photo courtesy of Chris Ramos

Quarantine has been a unique experience for Letters to Part as a band. We’re currently all separated besides our bassist and vocalist who both live together. All of us are in different situations: Some of us are working from home, unemployed or even essential workers still going to work with masks on. We definitely miss meeting up and jamming, but we understand the importance of staying safe and social distancing until things start to seem better.

With touring and our pre-release show being put on pause due to the pandemic, we’ve had to shift our focus to being an online band for the time being which unfortunately has prevented us from meeting up as a band. The great thing is we all have the technology and gear to function remotely and we have not stopped progressing as a group. From releasing our new single “Ascian” to writing and working together, we’re constantly planning our next moves. So far we’ve been writing new material and are brainstorming ways we can reach our fans from the comfort of their homes.

As we get more news on the pandemic and feel the time is right, we will announce a release date for our new EP Mad’ouk. It is very important to us that we not only make this release impactful for us as a band, but also get new music out to our fans as soon as possible. To anyone who has been keeping up with us, whether you’ve been here from the long haul or maybe just found out about us, we truly appreciate your support.

Josh - guitar: COVID-19 has been a wild ride for me, so far. I’m extremely thankful to still be employed as a trainer for my company, but the crisis has put a huge workload on me by increasing my hours and having me work both earlier as well as later. 

Despite working a lot, I love to still make time for music and have picked up some new gear to help me stay creative and function as an online artist during this time. Hunter (our other guitarist) and I talk daily and are constantly sending each other ideas and new riffs back and forth to write new songs. It’s been really tough staying isolated in my house for almost two months now, but I am happy to be around my dogs, partner, and close friends more than ever, as I’m usually always traveling for work. I do miss practicing with the band, but I’m excited to work on putting out more content and am hopeful to meet up with the guys again to jam as soon as possible.

Yish - vocals: Quarantine has been interesting for myself. Had symptoms for 15 days, and thought the worst. Found god in a rosary my mother gave me. While processing it I took it as a sign to keep pushing, so I purchased home studio gear and started writing for the next LP. Overall, I’d say, it’s been 10 out of 10 experience.
Dustyn - drums: During quarantine I’ve been keeping up with a few things. First is my drumming: it hasn’t been easy practicing mainly because of the noise, but I’ve found a couple creative ways to make it work. I have been continuing my daily Instagram/social media posts where I have been posting a new drum cover/video every day since January 2019. I’ve been learning a ton of new songs by various artists/bands to try and keep myself fresh. I’ve also been writing midi drums on the computer and learning how to get better at that as well. Aside from music, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family, who I’m currently quarantined with, which has made the time go by a lot faster.

Hunter - guitar: I’ve been writing a lot of new music during quarantine and experimenting with new sounds. After getting some new pedals, and rebuilding my pedalboard, I’ve been posting some new videos on Instagram with some fun tones that I’ve been exploring. Being away from everyone and being at home more has allowed me to do more home cooking; I’ve been baking a lot of bread and muffins as well as making cheesecake! I’ve also been playing a lot of Warzone and FaceTiming with my friends to stay connected. I was recently able to hang out with my family which has been great to see them again. To pass the time I’ve been exploring and going on long walks.

Scotto - bass: I have also been lucky to have kept my job during this whole debacle, so I have been adjusting to working from home. To be honest, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time countering anxiety with Animal Crossings. I’ve also been working on getting off the ground with streaming some video games and, eventually, some music related stuff. I’d like us to be able to practice remotely in the future and am hoping that isn’t just a pipe dream. Otherwise, I’ve just been trying to stay safe and stay productive. I’ve written a few ideas here and there, but nothing I’ve shared yet. It’s difficult to be away from my friends and bandmates. I feel like I’m most productive when I’m bouncing ideas off them, but it’s difficult in this current state.

While practicing social distancing, fans are able to support us directly by donating via our Spotify page. All the proceeds we receive go directly to supporting the band and Cash App also matches every donation made dollar to dollar. If you can spare even $1, we are forever grateful for your support!

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