Seventeen Forever: An Interview with Loud Forest

by - June 09, 2020

The many forms of art give the creator the chance to express themselves, and the spectator a chance to understand and appreciate it. For Rachel and Bernard Chadwick, they decided to combine art and rock music to create the ultimate passion project.

The California-based husband and wife duo, Loud Forest, jokingly said that the band began as a means to end all other bands. They had been in their fair share of bands for different purposes and with different creators before combining their efforts for “one large project with longevity.” In the three years since the project began, they’ve constantly evolved based on their own evolving love for one another.

Their studio is where they go for inspiration – whether it’s for Bernard’s paintings or the band’s music. Their studio has also been used to record other bands and host shows.

“It's a beautiful collaborative space where these things all dwell together,” Rachel said. “We can get a ton of inspiration from being in the studio together, and with other musicians and artists.”

They also find inspiration in nature, their daughters, concerts, travelling, silence, and art and gallery openings. Wherever the inspiration hits, they always make sure to try their best at keeping a balance between their personal and professional relationships. Sometimes they do it well and sometimes they don’t but being married for 15 years has given them a lot to learn from.

“Making music together actually keeps us moving,” Rachel said. “It's exciting to collaborate as professionals with a deep personal connection. We have two daughters and they anchor us in the here and now. We have to stop working when they need us to - and that's healthy and beautiful and hard and life giving.”

Interested in how their love story began? Turns out, it’s the inspiration for their latest single, “Costa Rica”. The song highlights their love story that starts along the tropical jungle and infuses those sounds and moments into the melody. Bernard wrote the song a while ago and he has been working with Rachel to shape it into what is now the final version. As they finished it, they realized that it brought their love story full circle.

“Some songs come so quick, and others need the snap crackle poppin process that takes time,” Rachel said.

The song will be featured on their upcoming full-length titled SEVENTEEN, as well as other songs that share similar stories – “a story of the construction of love over time.”

Loud Forest’s love for various forms of art gives them an advantage to connect with a multitude of other artists and lovers of art. They also share a love connection with a story too wonderful to keep to themselves. As they prepare for the release of their full-length, they continue to find that perfectly imperfect balance between the personal and professional relationship.

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