A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with IVEEN

Since we had to cancel all plans to tour and do live shows, most of these days in quarantine have been spent working on a lot of other fun music-related things. My favorite one of those things has been learning how to produce music. Luckily I’ve been stuck inside with my fiancĂ©, Darrick Atwater, who is a music producer and audio engineer. He’s a really amazing teacher too and makes learning how to produce really fun! I’ve also really enjoyed spending more time outside every day to get exercise, since the gym is closed. We have a huge parking lot behind our house so Darrick and I MIGHT be getting really good at Frisbee… only time will tell (we’re actually really terrible at it! haha).

Going back to this time last year, who would have thought we’d all be in this kind of situation right now though? Living in quarantine in 2020 wasn’t exactly what most of us had planned to be doing this year. We didn’t plan to lose jobs or loved ones or have to spend months living completely cut off from all forms of human interaction. We can look at the bright side and breathe the fresh air outside, but the truth is that things are going to take a while to get moving again. 

We’ve all lost someone or something in this time. We’ve had to really quickly adapt to a completely different way of life in a matter of days. It’s been a really tough road for the entire world as the days press on, but the thing I’ve found the most solace in is the fact that though we might be physically alone in this time, we are not alone in the slightest. The whole world is in this together, and that is beautiful. It’s something we can all agree on for once— COVID-19 really stinks.

My heart really goes out to those of you who are going through grief right now. I could write a million songs and play the harp to you forever, but it wouldn’t take the pain away. Just know that you are not alone and your tears are not for nothing. You are loved, you are amazing, and this pain is a part of your story. Just keep on writing and with time, the story will get better. The stories of those we’ve lost will never be forgotten.

My new video “Orion” was shot before COVID- 19 hit, but the message of the song is actually pretty pertinent to these times. My only hope is for it to give even a little bit of light to others in these dark times we’re in!

While practicing social distancing, watch my latest music video for "Orion":