Exclusive Premiere: GALEXI's "Us and Them"

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Donoho

“Hey GALEXI I don’t want to blow up your egos, but I’m a massive Pink Floyd fan, and I might actually like your version of this song better than the original.” - GALEXI follower

Electro-space duo GALEXI are exactly the rising stars that their name leads you to believe. Jo Alexis, ‘The Priestess’ and Alexander Johnson, ‘The Scientist’ are connecting electronica, smooth synths and lush vocals into a glittering map of sonic constellations. Based in Portland, Oregon (though their home planet is called Issia), the group has made a home at GALEXI Studios, where they’re able to discover and nurture morphing soundscapes. As ‘The Scientist’ explains, “we are experimenting with the never-ending Pandora's box that is electronic music.”

 In their own words, GALEXI provide a “whole-body musical experience”. Engaging an intergalactic narrative and experimentation suggest GALEXI are artists in a league of their own. Alexis and Johnson contextualize their work as “trip hop in an evocative soundscape that transports listeners to an interplanetary headspace”.​ ​Magnetic Magazine describes their unique cosmic style as “​Björk​ meets​ Sia​ meets​ Giorgio Moroder​”. Having maintained Björk’s unconventional influences on their sound, GALEXI also credit David Bowie, Massive Attack and Dead Can Dance for significant inspiration.

 The next release from GALEXI is a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them”, set to be released on June 19, 2020. The track is poised as a tribute to Pink Floyd, with both Alexis and Johnson admitting their lasting admiration for the revolutionary band. “We are big Pink Floyd fans so we spent a long time on this song,” Alexis reveals, “we struggled with the bridge and kept scrapping it and trying new takes - like 16 versions.”

Black is the New AP Style is excited to premiere the music video for “Us and Them” the day before the release, which you can view below! The video is an entertaining blend of their style and humor with a sci-fi edge that gives off classic space movie vibes.

"The video for ‘Us and Them’ by GALEXI is a nostalgic, galactic romp featuring vintage outer sci-fi movie clips,” they said. “Although the message of the song can feel intense, we wanted to counter that with lightness, using 50s space travel as a humorous flip side.  Ultimately, the underlying vibe is a sexy, get-up-and-dance groove, which may be just the release we need in these challenging times."

“Us and Them” will be available on streaming services and their website on June 19.