A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Heartour

I think for everyone staying at home, time feels a little different. Quarantine began for me in early March, when everything in Los Angeles was beginning to shut down. I had just come home from Utah when I came down with a fever that persisted on and off for two weeks. I managed to knock out whatever it was with a round of antibiotics in the second week. I was still pretty drained for a week or so after and acted as if I had had the virus but at that point you couldn’t get a test without displaying more severe symptoms than a fever. At some point I will get an antibody test to see if that’s what I had because I haven’t been that sick in years.

Besides my corona-scare, I’ve been lucky that my work hasn’t been disrupted much and my friends and family are safe. I do miss live music desperately but I’ve been able to connect virtually. We have gotten creative with video conferencing and have game nights and dinners with friends and family. I’ve watched virtual concerts and even do a weekly Zoom trivia night with a group of friends. I’ve also been getting my fix of the outdoors through daily walks and bike rides around my neighborhood.

Like most people, my eating-out habits have been significantly curbed, so another thing I’ve been trying my hand at is creating new things in the kitchen. I’ve baked my mother’s famous hummingbird cake twice now which has been great for my waistline!

The biggest life change has been that my wife and I got a puppy while we are both working from home. We each grew up with dogs but have never had one of our own, so in mid-April we brought our little guy home.  He’s half Australian Shepard and half King Charles cavalier, three months old and seven pounds of pure energy. Thankfully he has finally learned how to go to the bathroom outside. We’ve also taught him some fun tricks like roll over and high-five. So I’ve become a weird pet person who now has a dog with an Instagram account. You can follow him on Instagram here and me here.

Ultimately, the quarantine has made me look at the way I spend my time. I’m grateful for the reset, the extra time for the simple things and am focused on creating more music.

While practicing social distancing, watch my latest music video for "Let The Robots Drive":