Keep on Waiting: An Interview with Lindsey Lomis

One of Lindsey Lomis’ favorite things about music is finding a song that can have different meanings for different people. As she was writing her Altadena/Warner Records debut single, “Feel”, she soon found out that it would be one of those songs.

Last March, Lomis found herself about to enter her first writing session in Los Angeles when it was cancelled last minute. Thanks to the creator of Altadena, busbee, Lomis was able to find another co-writing session with Ryan Daly.

“I’m extremely thankful that he put us together because he’s a forever partner of mine now in music,” Lomis said. “[I’m] so very lucky that he brought us together.”

The pair had never met before, but immediately clicked as they shared their influences and current music rotation. Lomis compared her experiences with co-writing sessions as blind dates - not knowing the person but hoping to make an emotional connection. This end result turned out in her favor; before they knew it, the session was over and the majority of “Feel” was finished.

As she listened back to the song, she heard it in a different way than she had originally intended. From her perspective, the lyrics of the song reminded her of friendships she had during her formative years. It was a time where everyone was trying to figure out who they were, and she personally struggled with having a friend group that liked her one day and disliked her the next. For her, the song represented a love/hate relationship “where in the end you’d rather feel something than nothing at all.”

Listening back to it with Daly gave her an entirely different perspective. He interpreted it in a more romantic sense, which gave Lomis the opportunity to hear it as the artist and the listener.

“It can mean something completely different to somebody but can feel so connected through the lyrics,” she said. “I think it’s such a cool thing for people to connect through a song that they can see it in a completely different light than you but can still tie you together in some way.”

When it came to creating a music video for the song, the original plans had to be scrapped due to her state’s stay-at-home orders. She still wanted to release an official video, so she did the next best thing: she got her family involved. Her brother, home from college, filmed everything while her mother held the director up to watch via video chat. Her father stayed behind-the-scenes and filmed enough of his own footage to create a second video that she plans to release in the near future.

“It was super fun and gave us the freedom to experiment and create,” she said.

Lindsey Lomis has created a debut single that can speak to multitudes of people in a matter of a few minutes. With the right people in her corner and an EP on the way, she is certainly ready to share her talents with the world.