A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Sleeptalk

Anthony, vocals:

Hi guys! Hope you are all safe and healthy. The last couple of months have been weird. For the last eight years, before March, I would be awake at 6 a.m. Monday-Friday to go to work until 4 p.m., get off then play music. Nowadays I’m waking up between 10-11 and playing video games all day. Haha what a change. During this time I have started a little plant nursery in my home office and have been cooking a whole lot. I have also had the time to pursue another passion of mine in building websites and graphic design work. I’ve also had a lot of time to train my new puppy, Henry, and play with him all day. With all that being said, I’ve still been writing music every day whether it’s melodies, starting up some songs to bring to the band or getting all the graphics done. We have a lot of new music on the way so we’re super stoked! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy; see you very soon.

Justin, guitar:

Quarantine has been quite an experience. At first, it kinda seemed like the end of the world was coming. From all the countries going into lockdowns to everything getting shut down and cancelled, I wasn’t sure how this would affect my music career. Fortunately, I was able to continue my day job from home and ended up with A LOT of time on my hands. I’m the kind of person that likes to be around friends all the time so switching to the quarantine lifestyle was weird at first, but being home meant I had a lot more money from not going out so I actually bought a bunch of new gear (about 10k worth haha!) It’s weird to think it’s been like this since March, but I’m adapting to how the music industry is changing and Sleeptalk has played a couple live streams and been grinding on new material so we’re making the best out of it. All in all, quarantine for me has basically been buying new gear, mixing/writing and lots of FaceTimes and Zoom meetings haha. I can’t wait to get some new songs out and play some shows!

Paul, bass:

COVID-19 has had its fair share of ups and downs. Being stuck at home was pretty frustrating and a little depressing at first. I lost my job a few weeks into this whole mess so finding a way to fill that time was hard. I got hit with another major set back when all the power went out at the studio but after some planning with the rest of the band, a solution was found - digging a two-foot deep, 30-foot long trench busting up some concrete with a sledgehammer and replacing the electrical conduit; basically a lot of fun stuff to keep me busy. I’ve also had plenty of free time to start reading some more of the books that I’ve been meaning to read. Having an outlet like music during all this has been a blessing. I’m excited to be releasing some new music and have some type of normalcy back in my life.

Jason, guitar:

I have been fortunate enough to continue working and have been working from home since March. I have not been financially burdened and have been able to continue to pay the bills as I normally would have. Despite everything that is going on in this crazy world, the silver lining that I tend to lean on is the quarantine has honestly given me the time I’ve always wanted (but never had) to learn new crafts and better myself at the crafts I already knew. I’ve built an entire garden in my backyard and even ran the irrigation to five separate garden boxes so whenever we have a zombie apocalypse, my house is definitely the place to stay. I have also played more video games in the last six months than I ever had prior to the quarantine. I’ve also learned to love running and use that time to clear my mind of everything. Outside of all of this, I still make time to be a musician every day and have gotten significantly better at guitar and piano/keyboard. I have been taking online lessons for both guitar and keyboard just to simply get better at both while I have all the time to do so. It has honestly been rough not being able to meet up with the band as often as we would have liked but we have still been able to release music and meet up to release content when necessary, working around all of the BS that is currently going on and I am thankful for that. Here’s to continuing to stay safe and healthy until things get sorted out.

Tyler, drums:

Let’s talk about quarantine. To be honest, not much changed for me. The last couple years, I never really went out or partied or that kind of thing. I did lose my day job, but I kept that as motivation. Every day, I’ve been doing one-hour piano lessons and 30 minutes of reading to sharpen the mind. Also, at least 30 minutes to an hour of activity even if I’m feeling lazy. For me, I’m making the best out of my time by continuing to challenge myself in music, constantly pushing myself to be better and seeing the results. Yes, there have been some tough times throughout these months, but I continue to use that as motivation so that when the beginning of next year comes, I have something to show for it.

While practicing social distancing, listen to our latest song, "100x":