A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Shaheed & DJ Supreme

Shaheed Tawheed:

Peace! The way Shaheed and DJ Supreme have been navigating through life since the COVID-19 pandemic started as a group has just been staying busy working on new material and getting ready to promote our new album called The Art of Throwing Darts and just staying focused on that. How Shaheed personally has navigated through this pandemic is just staying up healthy habits and building the immune system up, reading classic spiritual text and manuscripts from West Africa, watching The Cosby Show reruns, writing new material over new instrumentals and checking up on family.

DJ Supreme:

This quarantine has been somewhat of a blessing. I’m getting to spend more time with my family. I’m a program director of a radio station here in Birmingham (WUHT-FM/Hot 107.7) and thankfully I’ve been deemed an essential worker so it’s a blessing that I can still earn a paycheck when it could’ve been a lot worse. Additionally, Shaheed and I have been keeping busy. We dropped two singles, “1 Time 2 Many” and “Appreciate Life” featuring Chali 2na. We’ve also done several interviews, virtual performances and DJ sessions.

Peace to you! I hope you’re having an awesome day!

While practicing social distancing, watch our music videos for "Appreciate Life" and "1 Time 2 Many":