I Know There's Something for Me: An Interview with The Ones You Forgot

Photo courtesy of The Ones You Forgot
Quite a bit has changed since the last time The Ones You Forgot released a song. Some of them went back to school, graduated, started new jobs and even had children. Their lifestyles have certainly changed since they released Too Afraid To Say in 2018, but their need to release new music is as strong as ever.

When it came time to release their latest single, “Something For Me”, they felt it was the perfect song to transition them into their new stage as a band.

“We felt it had the energy to get the ball rolling again and kick off some anticipation for the other songs we have up our sleeves,” they said.

This was the first time that vocalist Jenna Bruno brought a full song to her bandmates as opposed to writing her parts after the music was finished by guitarist Ferdinand Benauro. It provided a new approach to their songwriting that they hadn’t tried before, and as heard on the finished version of the song, it worked out in their benefit.

“Trying new techniques can help spark creativity, so we’re curious to see how we tackle new material going forward,” they said.

The lyrics of “Something For Me” push a message of self-love and new beginnings. According to the band, these are just some of the themes that they look forward to focusing on as they continue to create new material. It depends on how Bruno approaches the song, but they’ve had luck planning out what they want the message of the song to be or see the message develop naturally as the lyrics start to take shape.

Upcoming releases will share concepts of self-acceptance and finding strength in uncertainty as well as a darker song focusing on the worst part of their struggles. As for “Something for Me”, they hope that listeners take away the idea of fighting for what you believe in and remembering to love yourself.

“We hope that it gives our listeners the strength to stick up for themselves and help serve as a reminder of self worth and love,” they said. “We also hope that they take in the energy of the song and have fun when they listen to it.”

The Ones You Forgot are thrilled to be releasing new music again and exploring new ways to create music with each other. As they continue to learn and grow as individuals, they continue to bring those experiences into their creation process and share the final product with the world.