A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Vanessa Silberman

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, I had spent most of 2015-2019 touring as an artist and living on the road, playing about 150-200 shows a year. I’m also a producer, songwriter and run an artist development label so in between I would record and work with artists remotely, so in some ways things haven’t changed for me. I moved to Brooklyn from LA in mid-2019 and had the plan of a little less touring but traveling from NYC as a home base and focusing more on honing in on my music production as well as releasing one single a month as an artist. I had multiple tours, work traveling plans and recording sessions scheduled but little did I know that the phrase “bloom where you’re planted” would be 2020’s motto.

Though I had a lot of things canceled I immediately adapted to the climate, focusing online and started livestreaming weekly; playing songs and picking recording and music business topics to talk about to help motivate artists as well as entertain supporters. I definitely got my chance to work on my music production more, writing as well as seeing through my singles plan. My drummer, Ryan Carnes, and I actually started working remotely in 2019 so we just continued to go back and forth working on music during all of this. I also have just continued to do remote songwriting, music work and production (with a lot more Zoom calls and explaining to artists how to set up their sessions and send the files). Remote production takes a bit more time versus being in person but I’m so grateful that I can do that still plus I’ve done a lot more mixing and mastering as well as remote webinars.

When I haven’t been doing music work I’ve been spending as much time outside as possible. Instead of the gym I took up biking - I ride to Central Park at least one or two times a week and during the summer I was going more. I also have enjoyed getting a chance to read and write in the park. I’ve been listening to a lot of different types of music too (everything from JJ Wilde, Reignwolf, Sister Rosetta Tharpe to M83, Caroline Rose, Yungblud, Wolf Alice, Colleen Green, Sia and Whitney Houston), making playlists as well as have been gifted some amazing Spotify playlists of new artists. My latest favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix are any kind of animal, nature or music documentary as well as I have been loving the comedies! Like Pen15 and Schitts Creek are so hilarious (my girlfriend turned me on to these) and sometimes to mix it up with Fear the Walking Dead.

While practicing social distancing, watch my music video for "Something to Believe In":