A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Welsh Avenue

2020: another orbit of Earth around the sun to start a new (what we humans call) decade. Some things haven’t changed - waking up in the morning and going to sleep are still the same. Hanging out with my lazy cats and pup still happens. More obvious than the things that haven’t changed though, are the things that have. This has definitely been the longest time since I've gotten a haircut. Some days it is out of control but I’ve been learning to love the feel of it as the colder temperatures set in and am continuing to let it grow out. Haircuts aside, there is still a lot of change to talk about.

One major thing that changed this year is I returned to the veterinary field. Before the pandemic, a lot of my income was from pet sitting, and when people stopped travelling, much of the demand for my job vanished. So I joined the team of a relatively new veterinary clinic and became the lead technician there. We have stayed busy throughout and have been doing curbside service. I did manage to fit one vacation in and slipped down to a Texas beach for the weekend to relax in the waves.

Not leaving the house as much has definitely provided time for me to write some songs as well. I got to be part of a really cool project with a bunch of other bands from Austin. The curators (a band called Zettajoule) gathered the artists together once we found out about the cancellation of South by Southwest. Aptly, they named the compilation album Lost by Lostwest. It's a two volume album as there are over 50 artists on it. My contribution is a song called “The Pangolin” and you can stream it as well as the rest of the album pretty much anywhere. 

I knew I also had to release something myself this year. I had a few partial songs from which to choose. Once the chaotic feelings of this season set in, I knew which one to release. On November 13 I put out a new single and music video called “The Echo”. It is a song that counters the tone that a lot of people are hearing this year. In the midst of uncertainty, this song is to plant seeds of hope and assurance in the ear of the listener. While our aspirations and dreams may be on pause, we have them for a reason, and our potential as individuals does not have to wane in these crazy times. I've had the music written for a while, but really dug into the lyrics at the beginning of the year.

2020 has certainly been a year of change for us all, and we all know more change is coming. My hope is for that change, at least in part, is people experiencing, appreciating and supporting art. And for that art to be filled with love and that it resonates with every person it touches. After all, art can do more to change culture than someone in the Oval Office ever could.

While practicing social distancing, listen to my latest song, "The Echo":