A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with ENZI

Photo courtesy of Jordan Altergott
I have tried writing this piece five separate times but nothing seems quite right.

I know it’s been like this for all of us, but 2020 was quite the whirlwind for me. I’m still a full-time college student, working two jobs, all on top of being a full-time musician.

2020 didn’t go the way I hoped, even after we had all adapted to the copious amount of free time. I signed up for MasterClass and never touched it. I made all these goals and achieved exactly zero of them. I wish so badly that I could say lockdown was everything I needed to get myself into gear and hit the ground running, but it wasn’t. 

If I learned anything this year, it’s that my tendency to overcommit myself worsens when I’m stressed. Working two jobs, pursuing a full-time music career and still being a full-time college student in the midst of a pandemic has only led to more stress, more depressive episodes and more complete body shutdowns than I’ve ever had in a single year.

I think, if I said all this out loud, I might sound bitter. I’m not, because I know everyone was robbed and hurt by 2020. I think I’m just exhausted. As I approach my 21st birthday, and subsequently the end of this year, I am reevaluating my commitments, my stamina and my priorities. My most valuable passions, like music and friendship, fell to the bottom of my list this year. I’m not really coming out of 2020 with a hope for the next year, but I am coming out of 2020 with a tenacity to create that hope and to dig myself out of this mountain I created. I’m going into 2021 just crossing my fingers and holding on for dear life.

While practicing social distancing, listen to my latest song, "Mad Chemistry":