A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Eric Dash

So this past year of quarantine/social distancing has been exhaustingly reflective. I may post a feel-good picture with my dog because she’s extremely cute. I can’t help it! But I have been tested this year, just as many others have been.

I remember in the beginning of 2020, every Instagram post was like, “2020 vision! This is our year!” I totally think we got the 2020 vision part, but that’s exactly what made it NOT our year. I’ve tried to really limit my social media usage; I’ve read Proof of Heaven, an SRV biography, Texas Flood, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, and now I’m reading Goldfinch.

I’ve binged on so many TV shows while playing my guitar. Most recently The Queen's Gambit. I’m in love with Anya-Taylor Joy and if I meet her I’ll propose immediately.

I started a 90s/00s esque trio band, which is killer. I made a music video with a ton of COVID-19 precautions and dipped my toe into the acting, writing and directing world which I loved so much.

I’ve gotten turned down more in desperation for help than I can write in this. I began mixing records because it’s the main work that’s been coming, even though in my opinion I’m in no way qualified. However, most indie records pass by sounding like shit, so fuck it. And I’ve applied for jobs that are outside of music; something I never thought I’d do.

My entire life has changed. What I believe to be important and hold dear. 

When I write this all down it’s clear - during quarantine 2020 I’ve either lost my mind or I’ve made significant strides in regaining it. Either way I’ve still got more to go and if I’m still alive in this industry afterward I’ll be proud of myself. Because that means something finally went right.

While practicing social distancing, listen to my latest song, "Please Don't Be Far":