A Day in the Life: Social Distancing with Vulgarithm

by - June 09, 2021

Picture the scene: You’ve decided to start a new musical project in secret. You pick a good name, you write and produce an EP, you develop an image, EP artwork, logo designs for future merch and you are in the final stages of live show prep, including costumes, projections, click tracks, etc. World domination right?


COVID has caused a national lockdown and you’re stuck at home. This is the situation I found myself in by the end of March; Vulgarithm was born, planning on gig hunting to suit the live set up, and out of nowhere I am at home on Zoom calls, with my wife furloughed and also helping out family members who are either key workers or vulnerable.

From a professional view it was a tricky but manageable situation. Being a peripatetic guitar and ukulele teacher, you never know who will enjoy Zoom lessons or not, and being self-employed, the uncertainty can be stressful. Add on top of that many group or after-school lessons stopping, you have to be creative in bringing more income. Thankfully we’re coming out on the other side for now and life can resume.

What this added time did give me was an opportunity to promote my band online and add a fresh new take on marketing. During this period I have released three EPs with videos, released several dance covers and performed a couple of online live sets on Facebook. With many people not discovering local bands in person, I needed to find new outlets, including local music groups and forums, local radio and PR.

An average weekday consists of the following (discounting seasons): Wake up. Less visual maintenance (due to online camera). Make sure everything the camera is facing is tidy. Begin lessons. Small lunch break or supermarket shop for beer. More lessons. Afternoon: Small tidying, followed by food and drinking copious amount of beer in front a whole series of generic Netflix/Amazon/Sky TV show. Unless it’s the weekend, in that case it’s upstairs “to the pub” where mates would Zoom call and create quizzes, then drink till 3 a.m. and pass out on the laptop.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed not travelling, drinking and online quizzes, nothing will ever beat performing or watching a gig to forget about the world's troubles, and I look forward to that happening soon!

While practicing social distancing, watch my music video for "Gammon Anthem":

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