On Parade: A Pink Elefants Guest Blog

Our music has really taken a back seat in the past year. We’re lucky these songs have been done and we’re prepared and ready to go, but since we’ve really been grinding we’re ready to go away for a month or two and really grind it out. We could never leave our fans without content for two months, without speaking to us and talking to us live. I truly would feel like us not going live is like not calling our parents; the longer it goes by, the worse it feels. Our fans are our family now.

I’ve become such a better man; I feel like I wasn’t a man before Pink Elefants. I think it wasn’t until Pink Elefants started to get some support from people that it did a lot for me. When we first started doing well last year we thought: how long will it last? Playing these shows live and getting tips and selling merch. We were trying to enjoy it while it lasts to be honest and I think we were trying to enjoy it while it lasts so much we’re making damn sure that it’s going to last forever.

When we went to Maine earlier this year and drove along the East Coast, we didn’t meet up in random spots. We went to our fans’ houses. We think about every aspect like that because I look at it like I do think we’re going to be a top artist. I don’t know when it’s going to be but I do believe that so when I do these things I go, ‘I want to go to their house because I want them to remember us in their driveway looking outside at their home’. It makes a difference and it goes that extra mile. Who else is doing that?

It is life changing to see you can do something like that. It makes me realize that maybe I do make a difference and we’ve been told countless times that we’ve saved individuals from their dark places. That is very humbling and it makes us feel a way that is not explainable. That’s really what we live for; we try to have a positive image, we try to develop this family relationship with our fans. We try to make it unacceptable to not try to be the best person we can be. We all make mistakes, we’re all far from perfect. I’m going to make a fuck ton of mistakes today, tomorrow, but the more great things you do in the day the less that things can seem to really affect you.

We’re in the process of doing everything ourselves. We didn’t realize that it was a possibility but I will tell you this: in the past, when we were working on music videos or working on production, we’ve always been self-reliant. We’d always been pretty well-equipped to do it ourselves and now that we have some funds to be able to build a studio and do these things, I think we don’t know what’s to come because we plan on doing it all ourselves. It’s that simple because the people that I really look up to working with, we just aren’t there yet and I think it’s up to us to get there.

You can’t let anybody stand in your way. As much as I want to work with Benny Blanco and all these producers that do a lot of these top songs - I’m not the kind of guy who thinks I can do it without them - I just know the only way we’re going to be able to work with these guys is if we earn our own spot.

We spend all the money we make; we invest it into things like the studio we’re building. It doesn’t feel like an investment. If I blow money it’s because I bought a synthesizer or something that I probably shouldn’t have bought but we’re going to use it and we’re going to make sure it’s in a song and hopefully it pays itself off. We look at it as an investment and if it doesn’t work out, at least our fans got to see us fuck around with a synthesizer. I just think that alone is worth it. You really need to care about the entertainment value of what you’re putting out.

We said we should call ourselves Pink Elefants because it was so amazing how in Dumbo they seamlessly took shape into anything they wanted to, and to me that’s what we all want to be. Not just musically, really it’s like we want to be able to fit in in every situation. We want to be our best self all the time. It does take a lot of reshaping and learning and growing. At the end of the day we’re doing the best we can and we’re being ourselves a lot more in this project than we were in any other project.