Found That Joy Again: An Interview with Emarosa

by - May 03, 2022

The metaphor “preaching to the choir” kept finding its way back to Emarosa vocalist Bradley Scott. Other times, he was stuck on “throwing stones at glass houses”. A mix of both best describes their latest single, “Preach”.

The last three years as a band have been eye opening on a personal and professional level. They can’t deny that this growth served as formative years for them, and put into perspective how quickly everything can be taken away.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure that there was going to be a new era of music,” Scott said. “Thankfully, [lead guitarist ER White] has been by my side for almost a decade and wouldn’t have it. A lot changed in the last three years; I think most importantly this has all become fun again. For a very, very long time it wasn’t fun. It was a rat race, it was a competition, it was a mountain and everything was about the next step instead of enjoying the view. I’m thankful that with life experiences, age, loved ones and a more mature perspective on things, I've found that joy again. I’d like to think that will translate to growth in our new album.”

“Preach” had its chorus rewritten three different times before being added to the list of songs that wouldn’t make the album. Scott said he couldn’t get it to the place he wanted it to be, so he walked away from it for a bit before bringing it into a writing session with a friend. Once they figured out a concept that brought its execution to life, Scott presented it to producer Courtney Ballard and helped give the song a whole new light.

“It was almost a farewell letter, and somewhere in the middle, it turned into this powerful, defiant anthem,” Scott said.

Scott reveals that this wasn’t his original choice for their first single in three years, but that they have a few more on the way and everyone’s first choice will be shared soon.

“Three years is a long time to be away, but I’ve listened to our new album many times over and this band is better than it has (in my opinion) ever been,” he said. “You always hope people like your music, it’s a given. I hope they come in with open ears and minds.”

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