Highest Highs and Lowest Lows: An Interview with SUCKERPUNCH!

by - May 10, 2022

In 2022, the pop punk landscape has been dominated by emotionally raw music. Montreal-based SUCKERPUNCH! are massive fans of the current scene, but also nostalgic for the light-hearted, party vibe that 2000s pop punk gave off.

With that mix of their favorite aspects of the genre, their latest single, “Nightcalls”, was born. The song was written during the 2021 lockdown, where they were feeling tired of being isolated in their homes and looking to escape the grim reality of the outside world. They were longing for live shows, mosh pits and the sounds of audiences singing along, and wanted a song that best represented all of that.

“We gravitated towards writing a really high energy song about partying,” lead vocalist Fred Thuot said. “Lyrically we thought it would be interesting to tackle the highs and lows of casual relationships. Some people are irresistible to you and succumbing to them can lead to the highest highs but also the lowest lows.”

Thuot went on to say that “Nightcalls” best represents what SUCKERPUNCH! is all about.

“It’s upbeat and in your face,” he said. “It has a nostalgic vibe with a modern production flair. The lyrics tell a story while keeping it tongue-in-cheek.”

They live by the motto “Make Pop Punk Fun Again” and intend for “Nightcalls” to become synonymous with fun for their listeners. They want it added to pop punk summer playlists and played on those bright, sunny days.

“Music represents who you are in a moment in time, and we hope that we can be the soundtrack of wild times and crazy highjinx for 2022,” Thuot said.

“Nightcalls” is the perfect soundtrack for a sweet summer day, giving listeners a raw and feisty taste of punky vigor. Coloring outside the lines, SUCKERPUNCH! continue to feed fans an unapologetic, pop-fused branch of rock.

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