The Echoes in the Sound: An Interview with Jane N' The Jungle

by - May 12, 2022

For Jane N’ The Jungle vocalist and songwriter Jordan White, it isn’t about what the song means specifically to her.

For their latest EP, Ocean Creatures, the majority of the two-year creation process involved a 30-minute stream of consciousness writing session. There was always an underlying story that inspired the song, but White did not personally unpack its meaning until well after the song was completed.

“I try to disconnect when I'm writing,” she said. “For me, as a writer, I always try to go for a perspective that's different. I always try to challenge myself and you can't overthink what your instinct is telling you to write in the moment. I'm not a very emotive person so I think that's what I do - write songs just because it's therapeutic.”

White believes that the writer writes the song but the listener owns it. Listening to a song without context gives the listener the ability to create their own vision and place themselves in the song, or dissect it in a way that relates to them.

“It is frustrating nowadays where now I'm conscious about every little thing and the people that always ask about every little lyric. I try to flip that switch off because it really will hurt your creativity when you're worried about the end result.”

What she is willing to share is the exploration of sound that they incorporated into Ocean Creatures. From pop rock (“Animal”) to glam rock (“Ain’t No Other Way”), they wanted to dabble in the different areas of the rock genre to find what best fit their current tone.

After sitting with the songs of Ocean Creatures for nearly two years, White sees how it has become a stepping stone to where they are headed with their next EP. They found a sound that they feel best represents this next chapter in their careers, and have learned a new method to the songwriting process.

“I think that's really special, but I also have been challenged to open up as an artist and explore different stories that attach to the songs,” White said. “This is where I'm really struggling because there's darker, deeper doors that have to open.”

She compares Ocean Creatures to splashing paint on a wall, whereas the music that is coming next involves paint brushes and canvases. Their focus is on heavier, grungier rock sounds with more intricately thought out lyrics.

Jane N’ The Jungle are proud of what Ocean Creatures became, but are more proud of where Ocean Creatures is taking them next. As they dive into this next EP, they hope listeners will continue to share what each song means to them.

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