Inspiration Hunter: An Interview with Ninet Tayeb

by - July 21, 2022

In her home country of Israel, Ninet Tayeb is more than a household name. As an entertainer, she has written and performed music - including scoring the winning title of Israeli Idol - starred in a long-running television show about her life, provided the singing voices of beloved Disney characters for the Hebrew dubs of Mary Poppins and The Princess And The Frog, and judged the reality television program Rising Star: Israel.

Brought up in a musical household, Tayeb found inspiration in her early years from Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Oasis, and has crafted her sound with notes of Foo Fighters and Bob Dylan.

“Foo Fighters, Dylan and Jeff Buckley will forever be a huge inspiration to me, and not only for their music, but also for what they represent and for their loyalty to music as a form of life,” she said. “New inspirations are out there all the time. I have a song on the upcoming album that starts with the line, ‘I’m an inspiration hunter’ and that’s what I am actually, always open to new sounds and forms of art.”

Her first English single of 2022, “Who Is Us”, tells the spiritual, lyrical story of forgiveness, patience, presence and bravery while facing life’s unknowns.

“‘Who Is Us’ came to me from a place of true self-discovery while I was trying to not let myself fall into numbness the whole world was in,” Tayeb said. “It was written in a time when everyone lost hope and track of time. I wanted to keep the colors of life alive.”

Her debut English album, Sympathetic Nervous System, gave her international audience the chance to watch Tayeb add another talent to her ever-evolving resume. Since that album, she has released music in both English and Hebrew. She finds the process of writing songs in English incredibly interesting, saying that she discovers something new all the time.

“Writing in English feels very natural to me in a weird way,” she said. “My first language is Hebrew of course, but I do dream in English. When people react to my music in English in such a profound way, I definitely feel the rewarding part of it. With that being said, I constantly strive to be better than my past self; be better than my yesterday me.”

Tayeb believes in constant evolution. She is a naturally curious person and attributes that to her growth as a songwriter. She said that learning, discovering and bringing it back to the universe is an important part of her creative process.

She has already received so many beautiful comments from around the world for “Who Is Us”, but the one that she sees most often is that the song is a ‘heart opener’. To her, that is the best emotion that people can take away from the song, and continues to be the reason why she shares her musical talents in multiple languages.

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