The Moment I Knew I Wanted to Make Music: Andrew Thomases

by - August 02, 2022

Photo courtesy of Andrew Thomases

My father was always very into classic rock when I was younger. He constantly had the radio on or albums on the turntable (yes, vinyl back then in the 70s). He got me hooked on The Beatles at a young age, but it was when he took me to see Beatlemania on Broadway when I realized I wanted to be like Paul McCartney.

After that show – maybe even on the drive home – I asked my dad if I could have his old bass guitar. He gave it to me, but I didn’t even have an amplifier. I figured out a way to plug it into our home stereo and I remember almost blowing out the speakers. I tried my hardest to teach myself, but, alas, I had no idea what I was doing.

Coincidentally, that summer I was headed off to summer camp for eight weeks. I took the bass guitar with me, but I didn’t have any specific plans to take lessons or even play. One of my friends, however, was excited to try out for the camp’s rock band as a lead singer. He came back all excited that he got the gig, but he said that the camp had a shortage of bass players. He had mentioned me to the head of the rock shop, but said I didn’t know how to play.

“Does he have a bass guitar?”

“Yes,” my friend said.

“Well, get him up here, and we’ll figure out a way to teach him.”

So, off I went to the rock shop, and the counselors literally had to tell me, “Put your finger here, and pluck this string four times. Then, move your finger here, and pluck this string four times.” Voila, I could make it through a handful of easy classic rock songs. Not great, but ok for a 9-year-old. We had our first concert three weeks later, and I have been playing bass guitar ever since. My first time on stage – with its rush of adrenaline – was the moment I knew I wanted to continue making more music.

After that, I played in rock bands every summer for the next six summers. I eventually learned what I was doing, and took some “official” lessons. I also studied some music theory, and wore through a bunch of cassettes figuring out how to play the latest songs. I was in cover bands all through high school and college in the 80s, and then during law school in the 90s. After a pause for career and family, I took up playing again during the pandemic, and I decided to teach myself how to write original music. I also learned guitar, keyboards and home recording. That led to my release of a number of singles, with my latest one coming out September 9. I am thankful that I still have the opportunity to play music even though I am into my 50s.

- Andrew Thomases, singer/songwriter

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