The Time I Cried At A Blink-182 Show

by - March 02, 2023

Photo courtesy of Dana Gorab

Destin Cavazos, vocalist/bassist: Hey there! This is Destin, Alec and Henry and we are exPorter out of Santa Barbara, California. Usually we’re out here promoting our shows but this time we’re going to tell you all about shows that have made us cry… or almost cry. I don’t know how many shows we’ve seen between the three of us but it’s a lot and there have been some pretty special ones for sure.

Henry Kish, drummer: Well, I can't say I've ever cried at a show but whenever I see a band I love live for the first time, I always have this weird feeling of realization that these people actually exist. It’s almost a guilty thing, as if, “how have I never heard of this band before” but no crying.

Alec Cavazos, vocalist/guitarist: Yeah, I’ve cried at a couple of shows and they’re mostly Blink-182/Tom DeLonge related. He’s the reason I play guitar today and one time Blink came to the Santa Barbara Bowl so we were all stoked to go see that show. 

I don’t know how it happened but Destin and I got to go backstage to meet Atlas Genius who was one of the openers. That was cool but it was really cool when it looked like we were going to get to go back to meet all of the bands, including Blink. But when the time came, they wouldn’t let us go back for that. I was fricken crushed. I was this little kid about to go backstage to meet my hero and they said no. I started bawling!

Destin: Yeah, that was bullshit for sure. That show also included New Politics and we had a friend that knew the New Politics dudes so we had already been hooked up to go backstage to meet them. The local radio station were the ones that for some reason took us back to meet Atlas Genius. I think we were just at the right spot at the right time. 

Anyway, we thought we were going to get to meet Blink too and just as we were about to go back, the guy told us we couldn’t go. Totally lame and Alec was crushed. I mean, he was a kid and all but it was Tom DeLonge, his hero, and it was all ripped away… what sucked the most was when you saw who they did take back you could totally tell they didn’t even really care about it, and then here’s little Alec left behind. 

The best was the dude that wouldn’t let us go back for Blink saw us when we were backstage for New Politics and he had this shit look on his face like, ‘OMG what did I do, who are these kids, why are they back here, are they record folks, am I about to get fired??????’ It was classic. We joke about that show in our family all the time. Poor little Alec.

Alec: Yeah, that totally sucked and I for sure was crying. I know I definitely cried after meeting and seeing Tom in 2019 and probably would today. I think we’re going to the Blink-182 shows in LA and if for some reason we get to meet him again, yeah, I will probably freak out again.

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