The Time I Cried At An Anyone's Ghost Show

by - February 22, 2024

Photo courtesy of Dana Gorab

Over the lockdowns me and one of my friends, Anyone’s Ghost, worked on an EP together. We’d been thinking about it a lot in 2019 and early 2020, and the pandemic gave us the opportunity to work on music together, albeit remotely, and we put together a six-track record. These songs gave me a real opportunity to work on music with a different direction than what I was used to, and really expanded my production skills.

I remember that Wanda did a set on the day of the release. It was during the ease of lockdown so it was an outside event, but that day was super special. It was so lovely to meet up with a bunch of friends that you hadn’t seen in so long, and hear live music.

What was insane was the fact that the whole crowd fell silent for Wanda’s entire set. No one was talking and everyone paid full attention to the entirety of her music. It was spectacular to see her have the crowd in the palm of her hand with almost no effort on her part.

Ever since then, Wanda has gone from strength to strength with their music, performance and songwriting ability-wise; we’ve also worked on an album together which came out last July, Necromancer, which was another special one, where we did a headline set for the launch at Band On The Wall. There were around 100 or so people in the venue, just to see us perform, which was amazing to see. There’s a real special community around us here in Manchester and that night, along with the previously mentioned show, both are a real indication of the close-knit community that we have.

We performed the album in full, and it was such an intimate experience for both us on the stage and the people in the audience. You could see how much the emotion of the songs got to people, and the fact that the crowd was silent throughout the entire performance was a testament to the night. I think everyone in the entire venue was emotional at some point. It was a day I’ll never forget. We’ve got more plans for the future, and it’s sure to be a really good one, with gigs coming up, more releases; a whole load of fun in store for us!

- Michael Webster, singer/songwriter

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